Strawberry Jam Recipe - The Fresh York Occasions

Candy and ever-so-slightly tart, strawberry jam ranks some of the supremacy spreadable fruit flavors. When the pick-your-own season starts and grocery store cabinets are plentiful with the juicy, scarlet berry, it alerts the beginning of summer time, and it’s a possibility to get your jam on. Right here, simply 3 components—strawberries, sugar and lemon juice—put together a easy jam that’s now not overly candy. On the other hand, it is important to have an instant-read thermometer available and to hold a watchful seeing at the simmering temperature so the fruit’s herbal pectin can do its thickening charm. Within the low season, frozen berries are a superbly appropriate stand-in for brandnew, since they’re steadily picked at height ripeness. This easy jam will latter within the refrigerator for as much as two weeks (for better batches and an extended shelf age, imagine canning it). Unfold strawberry jam on crumpets, put together an extra-special dessert, or, if you'll’t stay up for it to chill, spoon it heat over some ice cream.

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