The Admirable American Recipe | A Spoonful of Love | Season 3 | Episode 3 - PBS

Ramos: This night, on "The Great American Recipe"...

There's about to be an entire lotta love on this kitchen.

Tim, voice-over: This dish was once the primary dish that I made for my spouse, Ashley.

♪ Jon: Judges, you're gonna really feel the affection.


Hollingsworth: For me, I feel that one thing that's been cooking for a life, makes you are feeling like house.

Mae: My youngsters, once they come house, that's all they would like.

Kim: Who doesn't love a gigantic bowl of pasta?

Marcella: I feel the affection is for sure gonna come by way of.

Ramos: Smartly, those are the finest house chefs within the nation, so who higher in order us perfection?

[Cooks cheer] Welcome again to "The Great American Recipe."

♪ [Birds chirping] ♪ Kim: Closing hour was once roughly tricky, you guys.

Mae: This can be a pristine hour, pristine starting.

Doug: I assumed ultimate hour was once nice-looking wholesome.

Jon: Yeah, for you, Doug.

Kim: Doug!

[Adjo chuckles] Jon: That is sensible.

Doug, voice-over: Closing hour, I roughly saved my head ailing and concerned with all of the main points, and that labored out for me.

Doug, your farro and vegetable medley was once one of the vital superb farro salads I've ever had.

[Adjo gasps] Doug: Aw, that implies a dozen.


Doug, voice-over: I want to stock doing that on each spherical, any week I will.

Ramos: Excellent morning, everybody.

Welcome again.

Hiya, hi, everybody.

Ha ha ha!


Chefs, welcome again to hour 3 of "The Great American Recipe."

We're again with our fabulous judges, Tiffany Derry... Hi, everybody.

Tim Hollingsworth... Hello, everyone.

and ultimate, however by no means least, Francis Lam.

Hiya, y'all.

[Laughter] Closing hour, you served us dishes that includes a few of your favourite components, out of your mysterious guns in your go-to grains.

Sadly, your fellow house prepare dinner Ingrid needed to drop the contest early, and she or he'll be neglected dearly.

This hour, we actually need to get to the center of why you prepare dinner and who you do it for.

There's a explanation why such a lot of people have go-to recipes whilst you're feeling underneath the elements or a small bit blue.

For population all over the place the sector, meals is usually a healing for what ails us.

Derry: That's what this hour's theme is all about-- growing the ones dishes that really feel like sympathy for the population you like.

Ramos: For as of late's first spherical, you'll have 60 mins to prepare dinner up a comforting recipe that all the time makes you and your family members really feel like they're wrapped up in a bulky hug.

Name it a recipe treatment.


Hollingsworth: And take into accout, your dishes might be judged on style, presentation, execution, and the way nicely your dish accomplished as of late's theme.

Ramos: And as all the time, each and every of your dishes might be thought to be by way of the judges to decide which 3 house chefs will assemble it to the finale for a prospect to be named the winner of "The Great American Recipe."



Ramos: I say this with all of the love in my center.

Your week begins now!



Come on, child.

♪ Proper.

Right here we cross.

Ramos: We requested the chefs to assemble us their recipe therapies.

What are you hoping to peer come from those kitchens?

I feel we're gonna have some super-tasty meals that handover sympathy in numerous tactics.

Hollingsworth: For me, I feel that one thing that's been cooking for a life, makes you are feeling like house.

Lam: In my thoughts, one thing perhaps a small bit heartier, that I will snatch at the global... Ramos: Ha ha!


or I may snatch at the sofa.

[All chuckle] It's all about love and sympathy.

Jon, voice-over: Closing hour, I had a base dish.

Lam: Jon, I feel what were given to your approach was once whilst you have been slicing the corn off the cob, you if truth be told nicked off some portions of the cob.

Pace we have been consuming it, we saved getting small bits caught in our tooth.

Jon, voice-over: This hour, I need redemption.

I'm gonna snatch all the comments that I were given, and I'm gonna amp up my flavors and prepare dinner my perfect.

I do know precisely what I'm gonna assemble.

Let's do that.

Come on.

Jon, voice-over: My recipe treatment dish is Sopa Azteca, sometimes called tortilla soup.

♪ Tortilla soup is a treatment for having a unholy date, however, I additionally consider, medication.

I assemble this dish when my spouse isn't feeling so nicely, and my youngsters additionally love this.

Adjo: Oh, what's occurring there, Jon?

Jon: I'm hot some tomatoes, rooster thighs, and a few onions to offer it a form of smoky taste.

Oh, wow.

Jon, voice-over: The later step to amp up my flavors is to roast the chilies.


Jon, voice-over: It's actually the smoky roastedness with the chilies that form of give a contribution to the style of the soup.

Want two extra.

♪ Simply gonna cross for it.

♪ Kim, voice-over: This hour, I simply need to turn out that I'm a good-enough prepare dinner not to finally end up within the base two.

So as of late, I'm taking to assemble a scratch linguine pasta with one of those kitchen-sink pesto sauce.

Selfmade pasta is the extreme option to cheer anyone up.

I cruel, who doesn't love a gigantic bowl of pasta?

Rising up, my mother would assemble do-it-yourself pasta, which is actually hardened, however we knew she put a dozen of labor into that pasta, so it was once simply one in every of our favourite dishes.

And now the thrill starts.

Kim, voice-over: My favourite individual to assemble this dish for is my daughter Maya.

She completely loves pesto.

I for sure put the similar love into it that my mother did.

I simply effort to make a choice an more straightforward mode of constructing it.

Heh heh!

♪ Oh, gosh!

Kim, voice-over: My pasta dough is a small bit brittle.

It's took place prior to at house, and normally, the whole thing seems advantageous.

Derry: Hi, Kim.


We're twinning with our purple.


We're twinning.

Purple women.

So, the pasta could be very brittle.

It appears to be like actually brittle.

I do know.


The place's your oil?

Let's effort to get a small bit extra hydration.

Give your self 5 extra mins.

5 extra mins.

So, nearest it's take a seat...


we will be able to't cross again and knead it.

Proper, incorrect.

It's going to be very tricky.


We received't have that affectionate pasta.

Give it a moment.

Thanks such a lot.

You're very welcome.

Kim, voice-over: I'm happy she came around and, like, slowed me ailing, and so the pasta can simply be at liberty in its small playground at this time.

Derry: Oh, my goodness.

So, Kim's performing some up-to-date pasta.


She has the method of rolling it out proper, you understand, she understands the stairs into it.

I simply suppose it was once simply too brittle... Slight too brittle?

and she or he didn't acknowledge.

It must be the way it feels, proper?


It's now not simply immediately recipes, and I feel that's hardened... Yeah.

whilst you're best cooking from house, and after you cross in other places and also you assemble it.

That's true.

♪ ♪ Serrated ♪ Gonna snip some bread up, assemble some cubes, similar to we're making stuffing at Thanksgiving.

As of late, I'm creating a fennel sausage stuffing frittata.

All proper.

Come on, come on.

I'm making this actual dish once we roughly want some sympathy in the home, particularly for my husband Greg.

Doug, voice-over: My husband assists in keeping most commonly vegetarian, however he loves this as a result of it is a dish that Greg's mother made at Thanksgiving, and because her passing, those flavors evoke the ones reminiscences, and so they evoke that love.

The very first thing I want to do is get my bread cubes toasted off.

And life that's going... Ah!

I love to snatch the sausage, split it off with my palms, as a result of you'll be able to finally end up getting those actually bulky chunks, and I don't suppose that's actually palatable.

Crack up and crank warmth.

I to find that if we have now those simply small knobs of meat, it simply chefs up so a lot more well.


Let's get our bread cubes in there.

OK, I may simply consume this.

We don't even want the eggs, however we're gonna do the eggs, too.

♪ Give it that one, ultimate wholesome whisk-through.

OK. Doug, voice-over: My mysterious factor here's a small little bit of rooster store within the eggs rather of simply salt and pepper, so I'm bringing in somewhat of a poultry taste.

We're gonna do a small little bit of cheese over supremacy 'purpose I feel it simply provides a small one thing residue.

It's so good--breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

You'll be able to consume a frittata anytime.

♪ Doing unbelievable, child.

♪ Making some goat meat as of late.

Goat is a bulky staple in African tradition.

After I old to be small, anytime I'm in poor health, my mother or my grandma will assemble me a pepper soup.

Derry: Adjo, what you running on?

Adjo: It's gonna be a brothy, gingery stew, and at the range right here is a few candy potatoes.

Derry: Mm.

Pepper soup is a type of dishes this is ubiquitous to West Africa, however all of us assemble it another way.

So I take into accout rising up making pepper soup with my grandma, and we'd usefulness proteins that we've got leftover in the home, but it surely's actually now not the pepper that makes a pepper soup, but it surely's the ginger.


Adjo: It's an excessively ginger-heavy dish, and I'm the use of my protein of selection, as of late being goat as a result of goat is simply my favourite protein of all week.

Really nice.

♪ Adjo, voice-over: So I'm splitting my goat into two strain cookers to assemble positive my goat is affectionate.

An month is, like, slicing it very near, so I've to stock an sight on my strain cooker.

Derry: Adjo, are each strain cookers going?

Each strain cookers are going.

Some few weeks again, we had a pressure-cooker debacle... Ha ha ha!

with my oxtail, and I didn't need to chance striking it multi functional this week.

I do suppose that your oxtails wanted a couple of extra mins.

I respect the comments.

I can for sure stock that during thoughts, evidently.

We're actual excited to effort this one, Adjo.


♪ Mae, voice-over: My recipe treatment dish is Chinese language rooster congee.

I were given to get this good.

Mae, voice-over: It's rice porridge, and it doesn't glance very horny, however whilst you consume it, it's very comforting.

My youngsters, once they come house, that's all they would like.

My youngsters love congee.

That they had it as young children, and even if my daughter is starting to be, like, a vegetarian, she ate my rooster congee.

That's how a lot she loves it.

Ramos: Mae's doing rooster congee, so we liked her savory oatmeal snatch ultimate hour.

What do you take into consideration the extra vintage model?

Lam: I'm actually excited to peer it.

I cruel, her keep watch over of the seasoning, the flavour; given what she spill out ultimate hour along with her savory porridge, like, I will have eaten a ton of that, so... Yeah.

I feel she'll have that great steadiness.

Whether or not I win or now not, I all the time really feel strain 'purpose I need to do-- give it my all.

Mae, voice-over: The very first thing I do is prepare dinner the rice.

♪ Pace I'm looking ahead to that to prepare dinner, I get started prepping rooster, marinating it.


I love to shred the ginger very finely.

I do know my congee nice-looking nicely.

I've were given it right down to a science.

♪ I used to be taking to Kentucky ♪ ♪ I used to be taking to the honest ♪ Ha ha!

I do know.

I'm simply getting foolish.


♪ Doug: Tim, what's occurring over there, good friend?

Tim: Doing fine.

It's a little--just a small slippy.

Heh heh!

Tim, voice-over: To provoke the judges this hour, the whole thing needs to be completely diced, completely snip, and it has to have a dozen of taste.

I'm making only a wholesome out of date, do-it-yourself rooster pot pie.

[Sizzles] I'm gonna assemble a rooster pot pie that I take into accout my grandmother making for me.

That's the place I am getting my Southern roots, from Grandmama.

Like Grandma mentioned, in case you're in poor health, there's two stuff you need--you want remainder and you want a complete abdominal.

In my rooster pot pie, I love to usefulness rooster thighs.

I feel it provides a dozen of taste.

I additionally upload celery, onion, and carrots.

The fine section about this dish is the oven week could be very minimum 'purpose it's all gonna be cooked.

♪ No longer my prettiest hour 'purpose I'm really not a baker.

On this spherical, I'm making person servings for the judges, so I'll cross forward and portion out my pastry dough that it'll are compatible well over the serving bowls.

[Distant chatter] I need to assemble positive they're all great and hearty, 'purpose I need the cooks to get a small chew of the whole thing.

I'm feeling wholesome since the best section that the oven must do is simply get the pastry dough puffed.

Marcella: What you were given occurring over there?

Tim: Doing a small rooster pot pie.

Oh, yeah.

How 'bout your self?

Ah, simply making some duchess potatoes.

"Just making some duchess potatoes."

Disagree-- She makes it tone love it's really easy.

Disagree bulky do business in.

Marcella, voice-over: My recipe treatment dish is a vintage pork cutlet with duchess potatoes.

My youngsters love cutlets.

Every time they inquire from me, "Hey, Mom, what's for dinner tonight?"

and I say, "Oh, we're having cutlets tonight," it's nearly like you'll be able to see the sigh of holiday.

Now for the beef.

Marcella, voice-over: I grew up consuming cutlets.

It's simply a type of dishes that appears like the whole thing's gonna be all wholesome... and now, my youngsters really feel the similar approach about it.

There we cross.

♪ Marcella, voice-over: The very first thing I need to do is simply get the potatoes out of the best way as a result of duchess potatoes is usually a small bit difficult.

Relying on how nicely you prepare dinner the potatoes, they could be overcooked or overstirred...

It's the thrill section.

Marcella, voice-over: and whilst you do this, you run the danger of them dropping their atmosphere with the piping.

Lam: So it looks as if Marcella's doing duchess potatoes, which I gotta inform ya, now not my fave.

Ramos: Oh.

It's mashed potatoes, which--hey, great-- and after, after I needed to assemble 'em... Derry: Pipe 'em.

[Laughing] you piped it out into, like, a small spiral... Uh-huh.

and after you baked it to get a crust, however right here's the do business in.

The crust isn't actually crusty, it's simply brittle.

Derry: Yeah.

I'm actually excited for Marcella's potatoes to only, like, flip you round.

We're gonna be taking a look at you for that chew.


♪ 35 mins left.

Wow, that week's flight by way of.



Marcella: I think like I simply began.

Kim: OK. Kim, voice-over: I'm making the whole thing pesto.

My daughter completely loves pesto.

I name it "everything" as a result of we'll cross out into the ground in combination and to find the whole thing in there that may be able to cross in a pesto.

We're speaking basil, cilantro, dill, chives, and I'm including walnuts to my pesto as a result of they upload a actually great texture.

♪ It's, like, higher than I assemble at house.

Ha ha!

♪ So, I were given to stock an sight on week right here.

Marcella, voice-over: For the cutlets, something that my mother all the time taught me is to soak your cutlets in crimson wine vinegar.

That vinegar step is so important to including that-- [clicks teeth]--zing.


I don't know that I wished that a lot flour.

So right here we cross.

Shake it off.

That is the meeting form.

The egg, dip it, and after breadcrumb and after cutlet.

[Sizzling] Mae, voice-over: Chinese language rooster congee isn't a super-involved dish, but it surely's the method.

You don't need to burn it.

You don't need to assemble it too thick.

You're breaking the rice.

That's what you're doing.

Mae, voice-over: So, you understand, from revel in, you understand what the feel must be like.

[Sighs] Ramos: quarter-hour left!


Gotta hustle.



Don't actually need to obvious it remaining, however our eggs are great and eager, I will see some effervescent across the external.

All proper.

♪ Into the oven ♪ ♪ [Chopping rapidly] Ooh.

Hiya, Jon.


Hiya, Francis.

How's it going?

I'm fine.

What you were given occurring?

So I'm making Sopa Azteca.

Can I am getting a style of it now?

Yeah, please.

I'll simply style the broth.

It's gonna be sizzling.

Yeah, simply style the broth.

You'll see a small little bit of that smokiness.

It's great.

You don't have a dozen of week left... Yeah.

however I feel you need a small extra focus of taste.

Jon: OK. Francis: Having a look at your gigantic pot... Jon: Yeah.

getting it in a pleasing, broad pot offers you extra floor segment so the moisture can evaporate briefly.

And after pour it again in after I'm completed.

Thanks, sir.

Yeah, precisely.

That approach, you simply get some extra relief on either side...

I adore it.

so it doesn't snatch as lengthy.

Jon: Admire it.

Francis: Excellent success.

♪ Adjo: The steam, the steam.

Ramos: Adjo, how's it going?

It's going nicely.

My--I'm liberating my first strain cooker.

Whilst you see that steam, it's hour of fact.

Yeah, it's the hour of fact.

How'd it determine?

There's not anything you'll be able to do now.

You simply... [Chuckling] hope and pray to the pressure-cooker gods, you understand?

[Laughter] Adjo, voice-over: I'm extremely apprehensive.

Come on, child, come on child.

Tone-over: I even did the dance and the whole thing.


Derry: Chefs, we have now 7 mins left.

Ramos: Get the whole thing at the plate.

I'm scale down on week.


Oh, taking a look stunning to me.

Perceptible if I will if truth be told get this out of my sizzling pan.

Pasta's completed.

Kim, voice-over: The pasta tastes wholesome, and it has the correct of al-dente really feel.

For garnish, I'm going so as to add some bacon to supremacy all of it off.

Jon: Take note the salt, Jon.

Tim: This factor is simply a wide variety of unfair.

Tim, voice-over: I realized every now and then getting ailing a small bit and the pastry dough was once now not puffing like I sought after, so I determined to change over to the broiler.

♪ Ramos: Tim is taking a look like he's frightened about week.

Derry: Proper.

Lam: He's origination to go with a small little bit of...worried power.

Tim, voice-over: So I'm for sure tracking 'purpose the ultimate factor I need to do is burn the pie crust.

Lam: The illness whilst you obvious your oven is you lose 5, 10 levels each week you obvious that door.

Tim, voice-over: Accumulation taking a look on the oven.

They're gonna cross immediately from right here to the plate.

Ramos: 30 seconds, everybody.

That is it.

Completing touches.

30 seconds.

Oh, my goodness.

Kim: They're very lengthy noodles, you guys.

[Giggles] ♪ Mae, voice-over: And I'm hoping I've ample.

♪ Ramos: 10, 9, 8, 7... Ooh, taking a look wholesome.

6, 5... [Judges join in] 4, 3, 2, 1.

Ramos: Pace's up!

[Cooks cheer] Ramos: Arms up!

♪ [Clucking] ♪ Ramos: You had 60 mins to assemble us your recipe treatment dish.

Lam: I'm feeling extreme.

I desire a small one thing.

Who's gonna assistance me out right here?

[All chuckle] [Laughter] Ramos: First up, Marcella, come secured us.

Adjo, whispering: Marcy, you were given this.

Hello, pals.

Judges: Hi.

I made for you as of late a vintage pork cutlet with duchess potatoes, or, as my mom likes to name them, "duchessa."

It's synonymous with sympathy.

Lam: You will have heard me speaking such a lot trash about duchess potatoes.



And now I need to consume all of them.

Oh, wholesome.

They're so affluent prosperous in potato taste, however nonetheless wet and creamy, and so they're simply fabulous.

The cutlet itself, you've completed a actually great activity frying it.

It's hardened.

It's actually well cooked.

It's well-seasoned.


Hollingsworth: I agree.

This can be a dish that I might assemble for my youngsters.

They'd actually love it.

You recognize, I see the sentiment.


Ramos: Jon, come and secured us.

Jon: My recipe treatment is Sopa Azteca, sometimes called tortilla soup.

It's a type of sympathy dishes for my nation to turn them how a lot I assist about them.

And also you all are my nation, those guys are my nation, so I made it for you.

Lam: Now we will be able to best say great issues about you.

Ramos: Yeah, I do know.

Ha ha!

Oh, it labored.


Hollingsworth: Rooster tortilla soup is one in every of my favourite soups.

I just like the intensity and taste as a result of I feel you old some chilies that have been combined up in there.

Jon: Sure.

Derry: I agree.

It's a wholesome spice, yeah, and having one thing like this will surely, I think, like, assemble me really feel higher in an instant as it appears like anyone ready this with purpose and love, with all the textures.

A dozen of occasions with the tortilla soup, we snatch and mix in tortillas... Oh!

and that approach, you will have some tortilla actual taste coming from the soup as nicely.

I really like that.



Adjo: My recipe treatment is goat pepper soup.

I assemble this for my youngsters once they're in poor health.

Derry: Adjo, you will have ginger, it's garlic.

There are a lot flavors which can be all hitting, however but now not overpowering, however the goat will have old a couple of extra mins... OK. as a result of one of the crucial items akin the bone has a small little bit of a bite.

That's the theme by way of my week right here thus far.

Ha ha!

Me and pressure-cooker drama.

Lam: Yeah, I agree that one of the crucial bites have been more difficult.

however I can say, for the problem, this very gingery, a small bit highly spiced, very earthy soup is grand.


Ramos: Doug, come secured us.

Doug: I've made for you a fennel sausage stuffing frittata.

This recipe treatment is for my husband once we simply need relaxed meals.

Hollingsworth: Doug, it is a very fascinating tackle a frittata.

I'm fascinated with my nation.

I'm fascinated with the vacations.

The only factor I can say is that, you understand, it's very affluent prosperous, it's very obese, however there's a dozen of seasoning within the sausage, a dozen of taste occurring.

Your cooking assists in keeping getting higher and higher.

Thanks such a lot.

Derry: Yeah, there's a dozen of taste occurring right here, and I'm simply satisfied to peer that the salt and the seasoning and the herbs and the spices all play games in lieu nicely in combination right here.

Thanks, Chef.

Ramos: Tim.

Tim: I've selected to do a rooster pot pie that I take into accout my grandmother making for me.

She all the time mentioned treatment for the rest is a complete abdominal and a few remainder.

Lam: You've actually great browning at the puff pastry, but it surely didn't rather puff.

When puff pastry puffs, that's the place you get all that great flakiness.

I'd simply say cheat by way of baking the puff pastry as a lid, proper?

OK. And after you will have your actually great stew and after simply reduce the lid on supremacy.

Derry: Ha ha!

He's like, "I never thought about that at all."

I by no means considered that until simply now.

[Laughter] Hollingsworth: I agree at the puff pastry.

Whilst you're baking with puff pastry, you don't need to proceed to obvious the oven.

You need to stock the warmth in there, however I really like the reality your greens are cooked fine, your rooster's cooked great.

You've a worthy quantity of seasoning in right here.

You weren't shy at the unlit pepper.

I really like unlit pepper.

You recognize, total, I feel you probably did a fine activity.

Thanks, Tim.

Thanks all.

Derry and Hollingsworth: Thanks.

Ramos: Mae.

Hi, Judges.

I made rooster congee.

I've all the time had this as a kid.

Hollingsworth: It's very, very refreshing with the intention to have one thing that's so merely made, however each unmarried a part of it, the execution is actually, actually wholesome.

I cruel, you will have simply ample ginger, simply ample spice.

The rooster is superbly affectionate, so blank.

It appears like a mother made it.

[All chuckling] That's what I'm to my youngsters, yeah.

Derry: That is rather scrumptious.

The rooster is very affectionate, and there are those small hints of the slivered ginger.

It's simply a type of dishes that you need to proceed to consume.

Ramos: Thanks such a lot, Mae.


Ramos: Kim.

Kim: As of late, I made for you a scratch linguine with what I name my the whole thing pesto.

I really like making this for my daughter Maya, and I think like pasta simply makes everybody really feel higher.

Derry: Smartly, Kim, as of late didn't come simple for you.

Your pasta wanted extra hydration, however we kneaded it a small bit extra, added a slightly of oil.

You made it paintings.

I really like this silky pasta, and after the bacon items that you just fried roughly give it a small crunch.

The flavors listed below are scrumptious out of your the whole thing pesto.

[Chuckles] Hollingsworth: I feel the dish is fine.

You making that pasta over there jogged my memory of a couple of occasions I noticed my mother making pasta, introduced again fine reminiscences.

Thanks for that.


Kim, voice-over: When anyone says a dish reminds them of house, any people house chefs must snatch that as a actually wholesome signal.

♪ Ramos: Chefs, we requested you to assemble a dish that all the time brightens your spirits, and your dishes surely brightened ours.

Judges, who made your favourite dishes this spherical?

Our first favourite dish was once... ♪ Doug's.

Oh, my goodness.

[Cheering] [Chuckling] Wow!

Mae: Congratulations!


Lam: Your fennel sausage stuffing frittata was once hearty and meaty, however the eggs have been nonetheless cooked delicately, and the crunchy bread was once only a actually fine contact.

It was once completely fulfilling.

Doug: Thanks such a lot.

Doug, voice-over: I'm on cloud 9.

Nearest having the farro vegetable medley win from ultimate hour, now I'm feeling strain.

I want to stock this up.

Hollingsworth: And our second-favorite dish was once... ♪ Mae's.

Marcella: Wow.

Kim: Oh, wholesome activity, Mae.

Mae: Thanks.

Hollingsworth: Mae, your rooster congee was once heat.

I felt the affection.

I actually respect all the graceful flavors and the way the whole thing is so intriguing, and it has simply the correct quantity of the whole thing in there.

And I'm jealous that I didn't get to develop up to your family.

Ha ha ha ha!


Mae, voice-over: I'm so satisfied my congee was once a supremacy dish for this spherical as a result of I knew in my center I gave it the whole thing I had.

Ramos: Thanks, chefs, for sharing the ones tasty and touching recipes with us.

You should definitely snatch what you've realized from the judges into the later spherical.

[Birds chirping] ♪ Ramos: From a memorable dinner occasion in your youngsters's favourite heartwarming dish, those recipes are positive to assemble your beloved's center skip a beat.

For this later spherical, we wish you to develop a unique dish that all the time brings a grin to your beloved's face.

Derry: You'll have 60 mins to organize your love-filled dish.

We're nonetheless gonna pass judgement on them, despite the fact that, so love and judgment all the time cross hand in hand.

[Chuckling] And your dishes might be judged on style, execution, presentation, and naturally, how nicely you do with the theme, so we for sure need to really feel the affection in those dishes.

Ramos: There's about to be an entire lotta love on this kitchen as a result of your 60 mins begins now.

[Cooks cheer] Hollingsworth: Yeah.

[Judges clap and chuckle] OK. All proper, plenty of slicing.

A whole lot of chop, chop, slicing to do.

Want lemons.

Ramos: We requested the house chefs to organize a love-filled dish that they assemble for his or her particular anyone.

What's notable to peer in a dish that you just're making for anyone particular?

Derry: I feel we're gonna get a dozen of various expressions of affection as of late... Ramos: Yeah.

as a result of some dishes are in keeping with that first-time occasion... Hollingsworth: Mm-hmm.

and, like, a dozen of occasions, what we've detectable within the past-- there's in most cases, like, a steak or a chop.

Including my, uh, lamb chops to the bowl.

Pasta dishes and such things as that, as a result of that's their go-tos a dozen of occasions.


Judges, you're gonna really feel the affection.



So excited.

Derry: Ha!

Jon, voice-over: After I pay attention the problem of cooking for anyone you like, I instantly cross to seafood.

My spouse loves seafood, so I'm making salmon and shrimp al moho de ajo, which is a garlic sauce and a inexperienced rice.

I've been married for 36 years, and that simply rings a bell in my memory how fortunate I'm.

Although she's now not right here, I'm fascinated with her as I'm making my dish.

♪ The very first thing I've were given to do is get started my garlic cream sauce.

It's a heavy-cream, chopped-garlic mojo ajo, so it's the garlic with a small little bit of butter.

I'm gonna upload a dozen of completing touches.

It's gonna have each lemon juice along with the lemon rind.

I'm actually paying attention to the judges to amp up my seasonings.

Slight Bolivian purple salt for the tip.

♪ Ramos: The way you doing, Mae?

Oh, wholesome.


[Chuckles] Mae, voice-over: The judges liked my congee.

I used to be roughly shocked, however I knew it was once wholesome.

After I'm cooking, I'm actual critical.

Mae, voice-over: For this spherical, I'm making my Singapore noodles.

Singapore noodles is noodles with shrimp, greens, and curry powder.

My husband loves that very a lot.

Perhaps it reminds him of house as it has curry in it.

Mae, voice-over: My husband is Sri Lankan, and he likes very highly spiced meals, however wholesome meals to me is wholesome meals.

♪ I were given to week this.

Mae, voice-over: To assemble the Singapore noodles, you need to first fade the rice sticks to be softened.

That is form of an in contact dish, however I do know my husband likes it very a lot, so I do cross out of assemble it for him.

♪ Next I sauté the shrimp one by one and season with a small salt and cornstarch to assemble the feel good.

This is more or less in contact, you understand.

I don't know why I select those dishes.

As a result of they're so darn wholesome.

That's why.

Ha ha!

♪ I don't normally measure, however with this one, I do as it's now not Italian.

[Chuckles] Marcella, voice-over: This spherical, I'm gonna get ready my husband Joey's favorite-- crab truffles with a pineapple mango salsa.

Want a pull.

Tone-over: Those crab truffles encompass jumbo-lump crab meat, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, sizzling sauce, Worcestershire sauce, panko breadcrumbs, and an egg.

Suppose the affection is for sure gonna come by way of as a result of, I cruel, after I assemble this dish, it's all the time for him.

The toughest factor about making those crab truffles is getting that combination with the correct consistency so that they don't fall aside after I fry them.

Hi, Marcella.

How are you?

Hiya, how's it going?

Doing nicely.

What are we making?

I'm making crab truffles for my babe.

Who're we speaking about?

Who is that this fortunate man?

Oh, my husband.


My husband's title is Joe.


He's simply an all-around superior man, so I'm gonna effort to do my superb and honor him one of the simplest ways I understand how.

Aw, that's candy.

Heh heh!


After I first began courting him, I kinda actually sought after to win him over and, like... Yeah?

I referred to as his mother and she or he was once like, "Oh, he loves crab cakes.

It's, like, his favorite food."

So that you made the dish that his mother made him?


Ha ha!

That's bad.

Ha ha ha!

Sure, yeah.

Smartly, and assemble positive, whilst you're settingup your crab truffles, particularly because you don't have a breading... Yeah.

ensuring that you've a pleasing, stunning atmosphere, you understand?


What are you gonna sauté it in?

Nonstick pan?

OK. Yeah, nonstick.

I feel nonstick, yeah.

OK. [Both chuckling] Smartly, you can know.


Can't wait to effort the completed dish.

[Chuckles] Thanks.

Excellent success.

Thank you.

♪ All proper, mise en playground, mise en playground, mise en playground.

Doug, voice-over: For this heartfelt problem, I'm making lemon pasta, which is the dish I assemble for the affection of my hour, my husband Greg.

This dish represents love for us as a result of, despite the fact that it appears to be like easy at the floor, it's if truth be told nice-looking difficult.

Identical to that there's a dozen of intensity to any wholesome courting, and the candy tale is, anytime he is going away for a protracted paintings shuttle, or I do, I assemble this dish, so it's form of our "go away and come back," form of goodbye kiss or "Hello again."

I get started by way of zesting all the lemons and after cutting all of our garlic, after I upload our red-pepper flakes and our sun-dried tomatoes so they can bloom and rehydrate.

My meals is simple, however there's a dozen of intensity within the taste, and the judges understand that.

♪ Each ultimate bit, get in there ♪ Ramos: Doug's were given lemon pasta, so what will we need to see there?

This is bold, I were given to mention, like-- I cruel, that-- Lemon pasta could be very vintage... Yeah, yeah.

And there's not anything to cover behind--like, lemon and pasta.

There's not anything, so it needs to be proper.

Heh heh!

Doug, voice-over: I if truth be told nonetheless usefulness a sieve as a result of I don't need any seeds going into the sauce.

I feel that will simply form of wreck the textural part of it.

You actually need to snatch assist making this dish, the type of approach I take charge of the individual I really like.

♪ Adjo: That is taking to be a marinade for the lamb.

We need to assemble positive all of the flavors are on this marinade, or the lamb isn't gonna get it.

For this problem, I'm making lamb chops and inexperienced beans with a facet of fried plantains.

All proper.

Within the marinade, we have now rosemary, lemon zeal, garlic, some bouillon cubes, and a few salt.

This dish, I assemble for my youngsters, Olivia and Harrison, and so they completely adore it.

Essentially the most particular population in my hour are my youngsters.

Form positive we were given ample.

And they're such choosy eaters, however my lamb chops are something they received't whinge about.

[Sizzling] Derry: Give your self room.

Don't population the pans.

Lam: I'm gonna take a look at the ones lamb chops at Adjo's station.


Carry me one again.

Ramos: Ha ha ha!

Lam: Ooh!


Sure, sir.

Woman, that smells wholesome.

I all the time comic story around-- in case you haven't had my lamb chops, we're now not pals but.

Heh heh!

What I'm on the lookout for is a pleasing purple within the heart.


I love my meat medium, and I to find out maximum population do, too.

What I might say to you, too, in the case of the prepare dinner... Yeah?

You spot the burner?


If that's the bulky burner... Yeah.

and that's, like, the small, modest burner... OK.

So that you're now not gonna get a dozen of colour on those ones.

On those ones?


So I would possibly take into consideration moving-- Shifting them round somewhat?

Or shifting those to there when the ones are in a position.

That can assistance soften that heavy and render that heavy.

OK, completely.

Thanks, Chef.


Adjo, voice-over: Meals is for sure my love language.

If I'm now not cooking for you, I don't love you.

♪ Identical to I need it ♪ ♪ Doug: All proper.

I'm gonna sear it, if I may ever get it snip.

Tone-over: I'm making yellow Thai curry, which I might assemble for occasion night time with my husband Bruce, and it begins with browning the rooster thighs.

The primary taste property on this curry dish is the yellow curry paste.

This paste has such things as lemongrass, garlic, ginger, and after, as soon as this is cooked out somewhat, I can upload fish sauce, brown sugar, coconut milk, lime juice, and a small rooster store.

On our first actual occasion, he took me to a Thai eating place, and I'd by no means had the ones flavors prior to and it blew my thoughts, so I realized tips on how to assemble this dish as a result of he loves Thai meals such a lot.

We've detectable a dozen of dimension from Kim, and now she's creating a yellow Thai curry.

Something that's actually fascinating about Alaska, there's a actually putting quantity of cultural range, particularly within the towns.

I don't know if that's what her affect is, however I feel that is a part of the tale of Alaska {that a} dozen of population don't notice.

Yeah, I feel The us is any such melting pot of various cultures, and I actually revel in the truth that she celebrates that... Ramos: Mm-hmm.

in her numerous cooking taste, life but nonetheless being very regional...


and highlighting the delicacies of her foundation.



Kim: Stability is plenty with this dish, roughly a small bit like marriage--a small salty, a small candy.

[Sizzling] ♪ This dish was once the primary dish that I made for my spouse Ashley.

I'm creating a lemon-grilled salmon over a couscous tabbouleh salad.

She liked it.

We're married now, so--heh!

I'm gonna get started off with my couscous.

My spouse Ashley, she's been any such fine spouse in crime, superb good friend, and I feel the best section about her is, like, she pushes me after I might not be positive of myself.

I really like cranberries, and I simply concept this might give it a pleasing tart and candy kick to it.

The couscous begins off with pearl couscous, a ton of chopped parsley, some English cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, crimson onions, and a few crisp cranberries.

I'm hoping that the judges fall in love with it, like my spouse fell in love with me nearest I made it.

Derry: 20 mins left, guys.



Jon: Thanks, ma'am.

Tim, voice-over: For the salmon, I'm gonna season it with some olive oil, some salt and pepper, put it at the griddle pan, and after stock brushing it with some fresh-squeezed lemon juice, roughly get that lemon-juice taste in there.

♪ Derry: See that salmon fireplace.

Hollingsworth: Uh-oh, he's were given fireplace.


I'm coming, Tim!

Tiffany's en direction!

Ha ha ha ha!

She's fired up.

Heh heh!

Derry: The place there's smoke, there's fireplace.

I were given to start out fires so that you can come test me out?


The way you doing?

I'm wholesome.

Now, is that the way you season the whole thing?

Yeah, I effort to stock it up roughly top so it gets-- That wasn't ample.

That wasn't ample?

All proper.

That was once two arms.

There we cross.

OK, so what temp are we on the lookout for right here along with your salmon?

I love it a couple of medium-rare.


So, Tim, we really feel...

Sure, ma'am.

such as you're proper at the cusp.

You've made a couple of dishes that have been simply scrumptious, and after you had one thing at the plate that wasn't wonderful, proper?


So I actually need to goodbye come by way of as of late with giving us some daring flavors, so stock running it.

You're nearly there.

Sure, ma'am.

Thanks very a lot.



Excellent success.

Tim, voice-over: When Tiffany says that I've all the time simply been proper there, it makes me really feel wholesome.

You recognize, despite the fact that I haven't been a supremacy contender, I'm proper there.

Suppose that's what she needs.

♪ [Sizzling] Marcella: After I prepare dinner crab truffles, I roughly simply cross by way of, like, the coloring 'purpose crab is precooked, so it's now not an issue of the rest greater than getting the correct colour and cooking the egg that's within the combination inside of.

♪ This is wonderful.

All proper.


OK. Let's cross.

quarter-hour left, everybody.


Doug: Whew!

Operating out of week.

Jon: Ooh, plantains.

Adjo: Plantains.

♪ Plantain is hour ♪ [Hums] Jon: You were given to show me tips on how to usefulness plantains.

It's simply one thing that I'm now not old to baking, however the whole thing I style and consume... In reality?


I completely love.

Oh, my goodness.

So plantains are very, very customery in African delicacies.

You'll be able to fry them, you'll be able to roast them, you'll be able to boil them 'purpose the beauty come by way of.


♪ Adjo: The mysterious to creating a wholesome plantain is selecting the correct plantain.

I love yellow with a small little bit of brown spots.

I want there's extra to it, however there actually isn't.

Ha ha ha ha!

Tastes fine.

Identical to I assemble it at house, child.

♪ Mm.

No longer ample salt.

Mae, voice-over: Now that I've prepped the whole thing, I can upload some Jaffna curry powder.

Jaffna is the northern a part of Sri Lanka, the place my husband comes from.

Oh, Lord.

Tone-over: Jaffna Curry powder could be very recognized for its spiciness.

I've to place some sesame oil and inexperienced onions, OK?

Derry: Mae's going again to the shrimp once more.

Lam: The shrimp is completely cooked.

I'm a small obsessive about this at this time.



Derry: However, you understand, ensuring that the rice noodles are correctly cooked.

That's the superstar of the dish.


♪ Lam: You actually need them to have, like, a spring to your mouth.

Derry: Sure.

They must actually be fulfilling and chewy, nearly like a snap.

Yeah, yeah.

Ramos: Yeah.

Mae: I'm hoping the judges like spice.

Ha ha ha!

5 mins, everybody!

Jon: 5 mins!


Ramos: How is everybody feeling with only a few mins left?

Do you want extra?

Marcella: Sure!



Can't have it!

Ha ha ha ha!

Jon: I'm wholesome.

Tone-over: The trickiest section for my dish is to prepare dinner the salmon best.

If you happen to overcook it, it's incorrect.

If you happen to undercook it, it doesn't assemble any sense.

We're in wholesome atmosphere.

I'm gonna allow them to take a seat within the oven for a small life life the alternative accumulation is going in.

Lam: So it looks as if Jon is doing the sear at the stovetop and after end within the oven with the salmon, which is a wholly great approach to do this.

Derry: However something {that a} dozen of chefs don't take into consideration is that carryover cooking... Oh, yeah.

as a result of I don't need to see well-done salmon.


Despite the fact that, you understand what?

I additionally don't like infrequent, so I supposition we're on the lookout for perfection.

Ha ha!

That's what we're on the lookout for.

Is that remaining?

Smartly, those are the finest house chefs within the nation, so who higher in order this perfection?

♪ Two mins.

Jon: Two mins.

We were given week.

We will do it.

Tone-over: Pace is sort of up, however I feel that is what they're on the lookout for to get the successful dish for this problem.

♪ 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5... Ramos and Judges: 4, 3, 2, 1.

Derry: Whoo-hoo!

Admirable activity, everybody!


[Applause] ♪ Ramos: This hour, we needed you to organize recipes that seize what it way to turn like to anyone by way of your meals.

Lam: And as all the time, we're gonna be judging those dishes in keeping with style, execution, presentation, and the way nicely you captured this love-filled theme.

Tim, come on up.

♪ Let us know what you made and who you normally assemble this for.

Tim: I've a skillet-seared lemon salmon over couscous tabbouleh.

When my spouse and I have been first courting, this was once the primary dish that I made for her on one in every of our first dates when she first came around.

Got here to the home.

OK. [Scattered chuckling] Hollingsworth: The salmon itself, the caramelization that you've is lovely, simply the correct quantity of sear.

Lam: Yeah, I agree, and this pearl couscous isn't really easy to prepare dinner.

You've were given it good, the place it's nonetheless a small bit bouncy, and the cranberries is a pristine addition for me.

I haven't considered that... All proper.

however I actually love that dried-fruit sweetness that it provides.

That is actually, actually great.


Thanks very a lot.

Ramos: Mae, come secured us.


This is known as Singapore noodles, and my husband is from Sri Lanka, land of curry, so he loves this dish.

Lam: I really like this dish.

Your shrimp are all the time completely seasoned and completely cooked each unmarried week.

However I might say I feel the noodles begin to split a small bit on you as a result of after I'm consuming it, the noodles are somewhat shorter, and preferably, the feel of this noodle is sort of a small bit snappy within the mouth, and right here, I feel they've overcooked, however this dish simply makes me satisfied in form of any method, so I'm a small bit biased.

Hollingsworth: I consider Francis right here.

For me, I think just like the spice is simply, like, a pleasing, even spice that coats my mouth.

I simply need to stock consuming it.

It's like a craveable spice.

Thanks, Mae.

Lam: Thanks, Mae.

Ramos: Marcella.

I made for you as of late a standard Untouched England crab cake, and I made this dish as it actually encompasses the affection that I've for my husband.

He's my favourite individual to prepare dinner for.

Ah, he's simply the finest.

Derry: Aw!

Ha ha!

I will't say ample about him.

Ramos: Oh, Marcella.

Ha ha ha!

I feel the sear to your crab cake appears to be like beautiful.

I feel you will have a pleasing, yellowish brown.

Very, really nice, and crab with tropical fruit pairs actually, actually well in combination, however after you're getting a bit of pineapple... Derry: Proper, yeah.

a bit of mango.

It's now not, like, little cube.

Lam: Yeah, I agree, and I'm partial to the minimally seasoned crab cake.

I nonetheless style the crab, however I simply were given a chew with, like, a small little bit of celery seed, and that taste is actually stunning, and that's going with the crab, and so kudos to you.


Adjo, come secured us.

Hi, Cooks.

As of late, I made for you guys my favourite lamb chops with some inexperienced beans and plantains at the facet.

Derry: Adjo, the plate is lovely, and one in every of my favourite issues on a plate at this time is those plantains.

They're so wholesome.

Ah, thanks, Chef.

So wholesome.

Those plantains are addictive.


Thanks, Chef.

The lamb itself has improbable taste.

I cruel, rosemary and lamb is scrumptious, however in some subjects, I've a small little bit of purple, and after, some subjects, I don't have any purple.

I oftentimes save the ones items that I do know are best, and I put it off to the facet as I stock cooking, and after I'll assemble the verdict then on which one I put at the plate.

OK. Hollingsworth: I for sure agree.

I feel that the sear will have been completed a small bit higher.

The best way that you just succeed in this is by way of having a warmer pan... Adjo: Mm-hmm.

and the use of much less lamb, as a result of that lamb was once gonna reduce the temperature of the pan.

Thanks, Judges.

Thanks, Alejandra.


Hi, Judges.

At house, we merely name it lemon pasta.

It's the dish that I all the time assemble for my husband Greg when he is going away and when he comes house.

[Voice trembling] I'm sorry.

Um, I really like this individual, and, uh, those are all of the flavors that he loves.

We actually simply whole and steadiness one some other.

That's stunning.

Hollingsworth: The most straightforward issues are all the time the toughest to organize.

There's actually not anything to cover overdue, however I really like the cracked unlit pepper.

The pasta has a worthy quantity of lemon, and whilst you chew into that sun-dried tomato, you get, like, this blast of candy umami as nicely.

Derry: Yeah, completely agree.

As it comes off easy, and there are several complicated flavors right here, you need to effort that later chew.

I really like that you just tore the basil as a result of once we chiffonade, it will get unlit.

And this actually speaks to my center.

I revel in it very a lot.

Thanks such a lot, Chef.

All proper, Kim, come secured us.

Kim: So, as of late, I made a yellow Thai curry with rooster.

I assemble it for my husband.

He's in love with Thai meals, so I assumed it might be roughly particular to effort and be informed a Thai dish for him.

I feel that is very tasty.

The whole lot in it's cooked well.

The one factor I might say, even if you old a ready curry paste, there will have been a small extra of that curry taste; now not warmth, essentially, however simply extra of that aroma.

And a dozen of occasions, too, population will cross a small bit overboard at the paste and, like, the coconut milk is more or less, like, combating for its hour, you understand, It's like, right here, curry paste is like, "Aah!"

and also you're like, "Oh, we're here, too," however, like, candy, it's mellow.

Kim: I if truth be told completely consider you.

He's candy.

He likes it candy, so-- Yeah.

Ha ha!

You recognize what?

I actually respect it, if truth be told.

I just like the sauce, the truth that you roughly made it your personal.

I feel you probably did a fine activity in this dish.

Thanks, Judges.

Ramos: All proper, Jon.

Come and secured us.

♪ Jon, let us know what you made and who you assemble this recipe for.

Jon: That is salmon and shrimp in a mojo de ajo cream sauce.

My spouse loves seafood.

The object that I did and I'm hoping that you just'll see is she's extra into form of a medium-well salmon.

I love it a small bit extra infrequent, however I sought after to form of keep within the heart.

Smartly, Jon, that may be a completely... [Cooks cheering] achieved... Take a look at Jon!

salmon, Jon.

This is natural perfection.

Thanks, ma'am.

The salmon is superbly seasoned as nicely.

I will style the lemon.

The shrimp isn't overcooked.

Smartly completed!


I respect it.

Jon, I've something to mention to you.


The salt degree is best.

Jon: Ah!

Ramos, clapping: Sure!

Ha ha ha ha!

Jon: I've been paying attention to you all.

Ramos: Thanks such a lot.

Jon, voice-over: Holy cow!

I think actually wholesome, and extra importantly, I think like I did my spouse proud.

♪ Ramos: All proper, let's dive in.

What do you take into consideration those plates introduced this spherical?

I feel one of the vital standouts evidently was once Doug.

No longer best was once that bowl of pasta wonderful, such wholesome lemon and garlic, however, rather frankly, the tale was once stunning.


He actually poured that love into the pasta for us to really feel it as nicely.

Lam: And I feel we must discuss Jon as nicely.

Ramos: Sure.

The constant be aware that we've got had for Jon is extra taste and extra salt.

Derry: Mm-hmm.

And you understand what?

he nailed the salt.

He did.

Lam: And the prepare dinner on all of the seafood was once best.

Ramos: I think like we simply met Jon.

Derry: Jon, welcome.

Lam: Yeah.

Welcome to the "Great American Recipe."

Ha ha!

Hollingsworth: You recognize, one in every of my favorites for the spherical was once Kim along with her yellow Thai curry.

It was once a novel model of a vintage dish.

I assumed Kim's curry was once excellent.

I cruel, the coconut was once there.

There was once a small little bit of spice, and the curry and that rice in combination.

Ramos: All proper.

Which dishes desire a small little bit of residue love this spherical?

I abhor to mention it as a result of I liked the whole thing that she's made thus far.

Heh heh!

Say it.


Mama Mae.

[Laughter] Lam: I--yeah, I pay attention you, guy.

And I simply suppose a few issues were given clear of her.

You should see that the noodles have been so scale down 'purpose they have been breaking on her within the wok.


I think love it's a type of issues the place it's like she's cooking in a unique circumstance, however the taste was once there.

Others: Yeah.

You recognize, the alternative dish that I felt may usefulness a small little bit of growth was once Marcella's crab cake.

Lam: I assumed Marcella's crab cake was once actually well achieved, actually well seasoned.

However her pineapple mango salsa, I simply didn't love the 2 in combination.

Hollingsworth: Yeah, I agree.

I feel it's a small little bit of execution for me.

I want she may simply, like, do it like a small brunoise or a little cube.


Derry: Every other dish missing a small bit was once Adjo's lamb chop with the golf green beans.

Lam: Yeah, the flavour of the lamb chops was once additionally finest.

Her largest illness, in truth?

She attempted to prepare dinner too many... Yeah.

at one week, and so they simply didn't get the warmth to get that char and to get that doneness.

However the ones have been the finest plantains.

Derry: The ones have been the best-- They have been so wholesome.

It was once the finest a part of the dish.

The most productive a part of the dish was once the plantains.

I ate all yours.

[Both laugh] OK, it sort of feels such as you've all come to the verdict, so let's deliver the chefs again in.

[Birds chirping] ♪ Ramos: We requested you to prepare dinner and provide a favourite dish of anyone you like.

It was once an excessively tough determination, however sadly, there have been two dishes that weren't rather as a success.

The primary dish that we felt wanted a small little bit of growth was once... Mae.

Your Singapore noodles lacked a small little bit of taste, however actually, it got here right down to the noodles.

We predict for sure having a warmer wok and now not overworking the noodles in it might have for sure modified that dish.

OK. Lam: The alternative dish that we felt will have old a small little bit of growth was once... ♪ Adjo, along with your lamb chops and inexperienced beans.

There was once such a lot to like about your dish, however the prepare dinner of the lamb wanted a small tweak of now not crowding the grill as a lot and getting a small extra of that char and getting a small little bit of that heavy rendered.

Ramos: All proper, now let's get to the true lovey-dovey stuff, we could?

Doug: Oh.

Heh heh!

Judges, that are your supremacy two dishes this spherical?

The primary dish that stole our hearts was once... ♪ Doug's.


[Applause] Hollingsworth: Your lemon pasta was once scrumptious.

We actually spotted all of the love and the main points that you just installed there.

The pasta was once cooked completely.

You had great garlic in there.

I feel the tomatoes introduced out that umami and actually helped deliver the whole thing in combination and steadiness out that lemon.

Admirable paintings.

Thanks, Judges.


Oh, thank you, guys.


Our alternative favourite dish of the spherical was once... ♪ Jon.

Jon: Oh!

Derry: Jon!




Adjo: There you cross.

Derry: Jon, your shrimp and salmon mojo de ajo.

It was once a diversion to consume your meals as of late.

I simply saved considering, "Where has this Jon been?"

[Laughter] The prepare dinner at the salmon is what we simply saved coming again to.

And the seasoning, it all actually connect really well in combination.

Jon: Thanks.

So each dishes have been exceptional, however there can best be one successful dish, and that's... ♪ Lam: Doug.

Oh, my goodness!

Jon: Whoo!

Oh, my goodness!

[Sniffles] Thanks.

Oh, my gosh.


This was once intended for you.

You in point of fact were paying attention to all the recommendation.

We goodbye including extra salt and tasting extra, and all of the ones main points that we stock chatting with everybody about goes to be the residue.

Adjo: Yeah.

Doug: Thanks, Judges.

Tone-over: Understanding that they love this dish that my husband and I really like probably the most, wow!

It's--I cruel, it's roughly implausible, and behind my thoughts, it's lights a fireplace that I've were given to stock the depth and bringing up to I will each hour.

Ramos: Admirable activity, everybody.

You're all one step nearer to the finale, the place one in every of you'll be named the winner.

Marcella: Sure.

Ramos: We're gonna goodbye all later hour for extra of your fine American recipes.



Derry: Bye, everybody.

Have a wholesome night time!

Thanks, Judges.

Admirable activity completed, Jon.


Admirable activity.

Jon: Thanks.

Ramos: Nearest week, on "The Great American Recipe"...

This hour's theme is all about baking.

I used to be most likely baking prior to I used to be cooking.

I really like baking...

I do not know how that is gonna end up.

now not.

It's very German over right here.

Derry: I need to see population bake with their center.

I additionally need to see some sunlit method.

[Sighs] Derry: Mae, you're gonna assemble it?

I would like extra week.

Lam: So our favourite bake-sale merchandise was once... ♪

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