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IMPERIAL– The Imperial Irrigation District invitations towns, counties, particular districts, nonprofits, and community-based organizations to use for provide investment for tree-planting initiatives in nation areas. Throughout the unused Population Inexperienced Area Handover Program, the initiative targets to mitigate city warmth, let go temperatures, and enhance native communities.

Funded thru IID’s Tree for All program, the Population Inexperienced Area Handover Program trade in $350,000 in overall, with particular person awards as much as $35,000. Handover packages opened Might 20, 2024, and are due via July 1, 2024. Initiatives will have to be finished via December 2, 2024.

“This provide is designed to assemble cooler, extra livable communities,” mentioned Matt Smelser, IID Power Segment Supervisor. “We inspire nation entities, non-profits, and network teams to use. Our purpose is to foster partnerships that make stronger the trait of time for all citizens." 

IID Director JB Hamby stated, “Tree for All reinvests in our communities, combats high summer temperatures, and beautifies our region. Trees naturally cool communities by reducing the urban heat island effect and combat rising temperatures naturally.”

 IID Director Karin Eugenio added, “Planting more trees will make outdoor spaces more enjoyable, reduce energy demand for air conditioning, and promote energy conservation. It’s a win-win for people and our environment.”

Urban trees are vital for improving ecological and social resilience. Urban greening mitigates heat islands, improves air and water quality, increases biodiversity, and enhances human health and well-being. These benefits are crucial as climate change and urbanization increase.

Trees cool cities through shading and transpiration, significantly reducing temperatures. By blocking solar radiation, tree shading can lower temperatures by an average of 40°F. Additionally, trees mitigate heat stress risks by reducing the urban heat island effect.

Eligible projects for the grant funds must include significant shade-tree planting to increase green spaces and expand healthy urban forests. Projects that improve community areas, especially those providing park or recreational benefits to underserved communities, will receive additional points.

 While no matching funds are required to apply or to be awarded a grant, applications with matching or "cost-sharing" funds will receive additional points. An IID grant review committee will evaluate each application.

The IID Tree for All Program, funded by the district’s Public Benefits Program, has provided thousands of new trees to IID residential customers since 2021. This effort reduces urban temperatures, combats climate change, and improves health and well-being. The Public Green Space Grants expands this program to benefit under-resourced neighborhoods.

Packages and fabrics will have to be finished the use of the legitimate IID provide utility method, available over the IID web page at www.iid.com/treeforallgrants. Signed packages will have to be submitted via July 1, 2024, by means of electronic mail to [email protected]. For questions, electronic mail that cope with or name IID at 1-760-428-3306.

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