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Chef Fabio Viviani, the landlord of Jars on Greenville Road in Dallas, prevented through the Just right Pace studio on Monday to sing their own praises a few of his hand-held treats.

You'll be able to be told extra about Jars here.

Banana Cream Pie Jar Recipe

1. Pipe ¼ oz.. of Buttercream to mode a circle across the rim of jar.
2. Weigh down 1 oz.. of Vanilla Wafer cookies (JARS really helpful 'Nilla Wafer emblem.)
3. Dip later rotate the Buttercream-rimmed jar into the overwhelmed cookie crumbles till absolutely covered.
4. Upload 1 1/2 oz.. of Banana Custard to the jar (the at-home chef can importance Jell-O emblem or put together their very own from scratch.) 
5. Park entire Vanilla Wafer cookies up in opposition to the interior wall of the jar.
6. Upload 1/2 oz.. Cake (trim into tiny cubes - the at-home chef can importance any boxed cake combine) on lead of the Banana Custard.
7. Upload 1/4 oz.. of Buttercream on lead of the Cake. 
8. Upload 1 1/2 oz.. Cake (trim into tiny cubes) on lead of the Buttercream.
9. Upload 1/ 1/2 oz.. Banana Custard on lead of the Cake.
10. Garnish lead with entire Vanilla Wafer Cookies.  

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