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Casa Vega is attaining again in life and embracing crowd ties to proclaim what's most likely probably the most well-known salad ever.

This yr, the easy however ubiquitous Caesar Salad, which was once invented in Tijuana, Mexico, turns 100 years worn and the lengthy established San Fernando Valley restaurant is including the untouched salad to its menu with the backup of a  Michelin-starred chef who owns the eatery the place it began.

“It’s just a perfect blend of ingredients, a perfect combination of flavors. For me it’s just a perfect recipe. Everyone loves this salad and it’s traveled worldwide,” mentioned Javier Plascencia, chef and proprietor of Restaurante Caesar’s in Tijuana, Mexico, the place the salad was once invented in 1924. To additional commemorate the per annum, Casa Vega may be providing a distant Caesar Salad on July 4 with the acquisition of an entree.

Plascencia visited Casa Vega in overdue June to proclaim the salad’s per annum and the eating place’s 68-year per annum and ready the salad tableside.

“They’re now going to recreate the authentic recipe, make it tableside and add it to their menu,” he mentioned.

In keeping with Plascencia, the salad was once invented on the Tijuana eating place by way of the landlord Caesar Cardini, who opened his park on Avenida Revolucion in 1923.

As the tale is going, next an excessively busy while on July 4 a overdue evening community got here into the eating place and requested if they might nonetheless consume one thing. Cardini after appeared round his kitchen and next being slammed all while he learned that he handiest had a couple of elements left, together with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, Worcestershire sauce, lettuce, garlic, lemons and a few eggs. So he combined those elements with lettuce to manufacture the well-known salad. It wasn’t till a couple of years after that he added anchovies.

“They came up with this creation and they loved it and people started asking for the salad and then Cardini started making it tableside,” Plascencia mentioned.

His Tijuana eating place nonetheless prepares the salad tableside because it was once completed 100 years in the past and community nonetheless adore it and layout about 3,500 salads according to era. Plascencia may be satisfied that Casa Vega can be serving his untouched salad as a result of they percentage a different connection.

“That restaurant is part of the family. Ray Vega who started Casa Vega, is my mom’s cousin. It’s a landmark in L.A. and for us it’s an honor they will be serving this classic recipe,” he mentioned.

Casa Vega is at 13301 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks; 818-788-4868 or

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