Chair Rodgers Publicizes Complete Committee Markup of 13 Condition Expenses - Power and Trade Committee

Washington, D.C. — Area Power and Trade Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) lately introduced a complete committee markup this life of 13 Condition expenses.

“This week, the Energy and Commerce Committee will continue advancing smart, bipartisan policies that deliver solutions for the American people. The legislation we will consider builds upon the successes this Committee has led on this Congress to increase access to care, address waste, fraud, and abuse, and help make care more affordable,” mentioned Chair Rodgers. “I thank all of the Members on both sides of the aisle for their hard work and leadership on these bills, and I look forward to advancing them to the full House later this week.” 

WHAT: A Complete Committee markup of 13 expenses.  

DATE: Wednesday, June 12, 2024    

TIME: 10:00 AM ET    

LOCATION: 2123 Rayburn Area Place of work Development   


  • H.R. 6020, Honor Our Dwelling Donors Operate (Reps. Obernolte and DelBene)  
  • H.R. 455, To amend the Managed Ingredients Operate to medication a technical error within the definitions (Reps. Burchett and Cohen)  
  • H.R. 4534, Girls and Lung Most cancers Analysis and Preventive Services and products Operate of 2023 (Reps. Boyle and Fitzpatrick)  
  • H.R. 5012, Stillbirth Condition Growth and Training (SHINE) for Autumn Operate of 2023 (Reps. Y. Kim and Castor)  
  • H.R. 7213, Autism Collaboration, Responsibility, Analysis, Training, and Aid (CARES) Operate of 2024 (Reps. C. Smith and Cuellar)  
  • H.R. 8084, LIVE Beneficiaries Operate (Reps. Bilirakis and Craig)  
  • H.R. 8089, Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Prevention Operate of 2024 (Reps. Garcia and Peters)  
  • H.R. 8111, To amend identify XIX of the Social Safety Operate to safeguard the reliability of cope with data equipped beneath the Medicaid program (Reps. Miller-Meeks and Cartwright)  
  • H.R. 8112, To amend identify XIX of the Social Safety Operate to additional require sure spare supplier screening beneath the Medicaid program (Rep. D’Esposito)  
  • H.R. 4758, Accelerating Children’ Get entry to to Offer Operate (Reps. Trahan and Miller-Meeks)  
  • H.R. 5526, Seniors’ Get entry to to Vital Cures Operate (Reps. Harshbarger and Wasserman Schultz)  
  • H.R. 6033, Supporting Affected person Training And Wisdom (SPEAK) Operate of 2023 (Reps. Metal and Gomez)  
  • H.R. 7858, Telehealth Enhancement for Psychological Condition Operate of 2024 (Reps. James and D.G. Davis)   

This understand is on the path of the Chair. The listening to shall be observable to the folk and press and shall be reside streamed on-line at In case you have any questions regarding the listening to, please touch Emma Schultheis with the Committee personnel at [email protected]. In case you have any press-related questions, please touch Christopher Krepich at [email protected].

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