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GEELONG residents can now request a free tree for their nature strip or nearby reserve as part of the City’s 2024 tree planting season, which has just commenced.

The City aims to plant more than 1,635 trees across Greater Geelong this year, including over 1,200 new trees as part of the annual program.

Geelong mayor Trent Sullivan said the city is committed to creating a greener Geelong.

“Council’s commitment to our urban forest is a driver behind Geelong being designated a Tree City of the World for a second year in a row.

“We are committed to planting canopy trees in our streets and parks because they cool our neighbourhoods, improve health and wellbeing, and clean the air.”

Additionally, 425 trees will be planted in response to community requests and to replace trees that have been removed.

Specific locations set to benefit from new trees include Rollins Road in Bell Post Hill with 100 new plantings, Maryland Drive at Corio with 19 trees, Ocean Grove’s Alderbaran Road with 97 trees, Portarlington Road in Newcomb with 28 trees, and Geelong’s Carr Street with 68 new trees.

“There are unexpected benefits too, such as how tree shade can reduce household cooling costs, an avenue of street trees can increase property values, and tree-lined shopping centres have higher economic activity,” Cr Sullivan said.

The city’s ongoing efforts have resulted in more than 4,000 trees being planted in Corio over the past few years, contributing to the greening of northern suburbs.

Since the adoption of the Urban Forest Strategy in 2015, the City has planted 21,294 trees and accepted 34,429 trees from developers.

Cr Peter Murrihy said the city was responsible for managing 112,000 street trees and more than 51,491 park trees, as well as the trees along rural roadways, waterways, bike trails, and in reserves.

“New trees improve the look and feel of a neighbourhood and provide essential habitat for native wildlife.

Mr Murrihy said he is committed to increasing the tree canopy across urban, coastal, and rural areas of Greater Geelong.

“I encourage community members to request a new tree for their nature strip at no cost soon so that it can be planted as part of the City’s 2024 tree planting season.”

Residents can request a new tree for their nature strip or to replace a dead or vandalised tree online at

Information about the locations, species, and number of trees in the 2024 tree planting season is available at

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