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UNHCR conducts HAUS to assess and monitor refugee access to various healthcare services and to identify barriers encountered.

This cross sectional survey was conducted to monitor access to and utilization of key health services among refugees living in Egypt.


14 surveyors and 1 supervisors underwent 1 day of training, including role play to familiarize on using the survey tool. The survey was carried out over the period between 3rd of December until the 13th of December.

Survey households were selected using stratified systematic random sampling from a register of refugee households that had a listed telephone number.

The head of household, or an adult above 18 who could respond on his or her behalf, was interviewed by telephone regarding key indicators of interest.

Survey Households nationalities selected for this survey

Syria/ Eritrea/ Ethiopia / Iraq / Somalia /South Sudan / Yemen / Sudan / Afghanistan & Others.

Data were entered using computers and analyzed using Microsoft Excel.

The extracted data were segregated into 4 sections, All Nationalities, Syrian, Sudanese and Other Nationalities for the below categories included in the survey.

1- Sample characteristics.

2- Child health.

2.1 Child Immunizations (Measles or MMR injection)

2.2 Child Immunizations (Polio vaccine)

2.3 Nutrition Module - Children under 5 years old + IYCF - Children under 23 months old.

3- Antenatal Care & Reproductive Health.

4- Chronic Diseases & Impairment:

4.1 Chronic Diseases.

4.2 Impairment.

5- Access and Knowledge of Health Services:

5.1 Access to Health Services.

5.2 Access to Health Services and Health Seeking Behavior.

5.3 Hospitalizations during the last year.

6- Knowledge of Health Services.

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