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Ramos, voice-over: This night on "The Great American Recipe"... Ramos: We're inviting you all to the second one annual "Great American Recipe" bake sale.

[Laughs] Mae, voice-over: I do know simply the recipe I need to importance.

Hollingsworth: I grew up with my mother baking a accumulation.

Tim: I am hoping you prefer that I old your recipe, babe.

I am hoping you're now not distracted I added to it.

I'm curious what you've were given in that jar over there.

Kim: This is sourdough starter from Alaska.

Legend has it it's over 120 years vintage.


Future of fact right here, pals.

I will be able to consume 5 of 'em, .

Welcome again to "The Great American Recipe."

♪ ♪ Mae: Are all of us excited?

Unutilized get started, fresh pace.

Marcella: Yeah.

Doug: Jon, are you able for a fresh age?

Jon: I'm so able.

Taking a look ahead to this, sir.

Pace 4 is the midway mark, and I'm feeling wonderful.

My self assurance could be very a lot boosted.

Our alternative favourite dish was once...Jon.


I simply saved considering, the place has this Jon been?

Ha ha ha!

For sure really feel like I'm rising as a part of this festival.

Ramos: Hello, everybody.

Welcome again.

Hi once more.

Welcome to the midway mark to your proceed on "The Great American Recipe."

Marcella: Proper.

Mae: All proper.

As at all times, please fasten me in pronouncing hi to our judges-- Tim Hollingsworth... Excellent morning, everyone.

Francis Lam...

Morning, everybody.

and Tiffany Derry.

Hi there, y'all.

Kim: Hello.

Tim: How's it going?

Latter age, we fell in love with the dishes you ready for the particular family to your lives.

This age's theme is all about baking.



Ramos: For this primary around, we need to get started the pace off proper through having you get ready a scrumptious baked breakfast merchandise.

Hollingsworth: You guys can have 60 mins to bake us your breakfast dish.

Lam: And, as at all times, your recipes will likely be judged on style, execution, presentation, and the way properly your dish delivers at the baked-good theme.

And it is a probability for us to peer your expansion and to judge the ones dishes to bring to peer who's moving to produce it to the finale, which is only a few snip weeks away.

Derry: Handiest the manage 3 will travel directly to compete for the probability to win "The Great American Recipe."

Ramos: OK, chefs, or will have to I say bakers, your 60 mins begins now.

[Cheering and applause] Let's do that.

♪ Ramos: We requested the house chefs to produce us a baked breakfast merchandise for this around.

What makes a wonderful baked breakfast dish?

Derry: That is a type of demanding situations the place some family find it irresistible, some family are beneficial with it, some family are like, "Please, no."

Hollingsworth: Whilst you bake, issues wish to be actual, and in the event that they're now not... Lam: Yeah, it's a negligible bit trickier.

If it's a cake or one thing, you actually need it gentle and wet.

There's now not a complete accumulation of, like, "Well, in my family, we like our cake a little dry."

Eh, now not actually.

[Laughter] ♪ I were given a accumulation of stuff occurring.

I were given my bacon proper right here.

You'll be able to't have breakfast with out bacon.

So, this around, I'm moving to be creating a grits casserole.

It's moving to have nation ham, highly spiced sausage, some spiced bacon, and a few grits.

That is moving to style like your whole favourite Southern breakfast pieces in a single chunk.

Lately, I'm making my grits with hen conserve and a negligible butter in there to get it began and upcoming we'll fill in with some Colby jack and a few well-dressed cheddar cheese.

I'm really not a baker.

So, that is the nearest I will be able to get to one thing I actually bake for breakfast alternative than biscuits out of a can.

Now I'm simply getting my eggs whisked up, blended in combination.

Tim, voice-over: I produce this dish as it's one thing simple within the morning, and if I'm within the kitchen and I'm baking, I'm baking with my daughter Brooklyn.

Brooklyn likes to bake, and my youngsters love this dish, so, I need to produce them proud.

I've but to win a problem or finally end up as one of the crucial cooks' favorites, however that is that actually particular recipe that suggests a accumulation to me, so, I am hoping that the judges will experience them.

It's moving to be a lovely breakfast lately.

♪ Dum dum dum ♪ The theme is baking.

Tremendous excited.

Come on, child.

Jon, voice-over: For this around, I'm making soy chorizo and potato empanadas.

How does the cup come off?

Oh, there it's.

Jon, voice-over: Empanadas are dough wrapped round a candy or savory filling.

The problem for making empanadas is getting the dough made and rested prior to you roll it out.

So, I'm going first of all the dough.

[Whirring] Right here we travel, right here we travel.

It's mainly a pie dough, however I'm including a negligible little bit of salt, smoked paprika, and chili powder.

Lam: With doughs, I might be very, very, very apprehensive getting the timing proper.


This 60 mins, that's an overly snip quantity of pace to roll it out, bake it, do all of that, and upcoming nonetheless end.

And desire a left-overs, too.

Sure, completely.

Jon, voice-over: The filling is potatoes, onion, and bell peppers and upcoming soy chorizo.

I began the use of soy chorizo when my daughters had been vegetarians.

Once they had been more youthful, I liked to bake issues for them, and I made those for my daughters 100 occasions.

♪ Taking a look beneficial ♪ ♪ All of that frivolously disbursed.

And right here we travel.

I'm a negligible apprehensive about this problem as a result of I don't believe myself to be a profusion baker, however I indisputably liked baking when my youngsters had been negligible as it were given them excited to be within the kitchen.

Hi there, Marcella, what you were given occurring?

Excellent morning.

Lately, I'm making a standard Sicilian cannoli bundt cake.

Spending my summers in Sicily, a standard morning breakfast regimen for me was once espresso and a candy.

So, the whole lot that they do is both a biscotti or some form of candy baked items is what breakfast is all about there.

So, I simply concept cannolis are form of synonymous with Sicily, as properly.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And I believed it'd be a wonderful technique to form of marry the theory of breakfast and my tradition.

So, I like cannoli.

You do?

I like that candy ricotta filling piped into, like, the hard shell.


You need to style my batter?

Yeah, completely.

OK. Ha!

Marcella, voice-over: For my batter, I old brandnew ricotta, orange bitters, chocolate chips, and pistachios.

So, you're folding the ones flavors into the cake batter.


In reality, do you style the orange bitters?

Yeah, that's a fab concept.

It's intended to be shrewd, proper?

I don't need it to style like a Big apple or one thing.

Yeah, like a cocktail.

Proper, proper, proper.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Thank you such a lot, Marcella.


Thank you such a lot.


Excellent good fortune.

Now I would like extra pistachio.

♪ Let's get you guys within the pond in combination.

Doug, voice-over: For this around, I'm moving to produce an apple German pancake, which additionally may well be identified to a few other folks as a Dutch Child.

And it's more or less like a popover.

You produce a pancake-like dough, you place it in a actually scorching skillet, and it puffs.

We need to do the batter early as a result of you need all that flour to if truth be told hydrate up and actually produce a pleasing, clean, gentle batter.

I'm coming off of a double win from utmost age, and this German pancake is simply completely so scrumptious.

So, I'm feeling assured.

Whilst you consider a Dutch Child or a German pancake, a accumulation of occasions, they don't come with apple.

That's a negligible little bit of my spin.

It's very German over right here.

Ha ha!

Doug, voice-over: Rising up at the farm, we if truth be told had an orchard of what we referred to as vintage greenies and we'd select them.

My mother would produce pies out of them.

I feel it's why my mother makes the most efficient apple pie on this planet.

And get, like, a pleasing caramelization on our apples.

It rings a bell in my memory of my mother.

A majority of these smells of cinnamon and the entire butter at this time.

Tim, voice-over: As soon as I am getting my apples sauteed in butter and spices, I'm moving to pour batter round it.

And all of the ones apples develop this custardy, pie-like layer that the judges can dig into moment the left-overs of the pancake blooms round and more or less puffs up the aspect.

I actually assume it is going to wow the judges.

All proper.

Right here we travel.

Ramos: 45 mins!

Jon: We were given it.

Kim: Heard!

Adjo: Hi there, Jon, do you could have the 4-inch cookie cutter?

I do.

Right here you travel.

I'll give it proper again.

You were given it.

Negative worries.

I simply need to produce certain.

Satisfied to percentage.

I'm now not a baker, however I love breakfast meals, so, I'm making egg and cheese small quiches with some ham and bacon bits.

And upcoming I'm moving to importance peppers, onions, and spinach.

I like baking...

I do not know how that is moving to end up.

now not.

Adjo, voice-over: Smartly, I'm now not a fat baker as a result of we're simply now not a baking tradition.

And so, within the village in Togo, I by no means actually somewhat realized learn how to bake.

However I'm hoping everyone else doesn't produce one thing so lavish that mine's lands on the base.

Don't outdo it, family.

Simply gradual and secure.

OK. [Whirring] ♪ This can be a very miniature container.

Hi, Kim.


How are you feeling this morning?

I'm feeling lovely beneficial, if truth be told.

I actually like baking.


I used to be more than likely baking prior to I used to be cooking.

In point of fact?


I grew up with my mother baking a accumulation, so, like, placing out and licking the beaters moment my mother made one thing, ?

Oh, yeah.

The most productive recollections.

Kim, voice-over: Rising up in a miniature village like King Salmon, Alaska, we didn't actually have a bakery lets consult with, and so, it was once as much as us to produce the ones issues if we needed them.

What are you making?

So, I'm making some mocha chip scones.


I've some espresso within the scones themselves, at the side of white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips.

I feel whilst you produce scones, it's actually all about that bake, proper?

It's moving to be denser than, like, a biscuit, however you continue to have a negligible little bit of, like, flakiness...

Sure, sure, indisputably a couple of negligible layers in there.



Smartly, we gained't know till you guys fracture into them.

It's a chance.


So, I'm, like, crossing palms, need to place confidence in your baking.

However we're having a look ahead to it.

I will be able to't wait.



Excellent good fortune.

Yeah, evidently.

♪ Everyone loves this cake.

For this around, I'm making my cinnamon cocoa espresso cake.

That is such an remarkable step that I will not forget it.

I'm folding within the egg whites, which makes the batter very clean and the feel actual tremendous.

Mae, voice-over: It takes a negligible method since you are keeping apart the egg yolks from the egg whites and also you're beating the egg whites and upcoming folding it into the batter.

And that's the problem.

All the ones steps will speed pace, and pace is of the essence.

So, I'm apprehensive about those truffles.

I'm more or less at the back of, regardless that, I were given to inform you, I were given to be frank with you.

It's my favourite cake.

My nephews and nieces, they sought after me to produce it they usually took their mother to the marketplace, purchased the whole lot, they usually introduced it to me, so, I needed to produce it for them, so, I couldn't disappoint them.

They usually love the cinnamon cocoa aggregate you placed on manage and within the center.

It's the most efficient.

I feel I'm going to simply do it like that.

Are we able to have too much baking pace?

half-hour, other folks.

OK. OK. All proper.

Now it's pace.

Jon, voice-over: I'm able to mode my empanadas.

Making it glance lovely.

Jon, voice-over: Latter age, I had one of the crucial manage dishes and it felt wonderful to take action properly.

I may just get old to this sense.

So, I'm able to travel for seconds.

Latter one in.

Right here we travel.

Adjo: How's it going, Jon?

Jon: It's going beneficial.

They're within the oven.

All I've to do now could be produce my salsa.

Adjo: Salsa.


It's moving to be a creamy avocado salsa verde with tomatillos, garlic, cilantro and onions, and vinegar.

I've been getting some grievance about my seasoning, however utmost age, they liked the flavors and the seasoning was once absolute best.

So, I'm moving to do it once more this age and the age next and the age next until I'm within the ultimate.


My style tester.

Do you could have a 2nd?

Oh, yeah.


You able?


It shouldn't be too, too highly spiced.

Now not highly spiced.

Yeah, only a negligible bit.

The spice is beneficial.

I just like the spice.

OK. Only a negligible sprinkle of salt.

Thanks, ma'am.

All proper.

All the time salt.

I've realized my lesson.

♪ They're alike, however I'm going to present them every other couple mins.

Kim, voice-over: I would like those scones to seem stunning, so, I sprinkled part with sanding sugar.

The alternative part are moving to get a glaze.

And it's simply powdered sugar, a negligible little bit of salt, and immediate espresso.

♪ That's sturdy.

Hope they may be able to style it.

When I've scones at house, I've to have them with espresso that I will be able to dip them in.

I'm going to be so overvalued on espresso next this.


I cruel, breakfast will have to lovely a lot simply be chocolate and occasional, so, I feel, uh, the judges will really feel the similar means.

♪ I feel they give the impression of being actually adorable.

quarter-hour left.


Let's travel, guys.

We were given this.

I desire a awe.

♪ So, tremendous, tremendous obese cream.

I would like a couple of cup.

Doug, voice-over: Hour my Dutch Young children are baking away, I'm moving to produce some spiced whipped cream.

[Whirring] Upload a negligible sugar and spice.

The whole thing great.

It's now not one thing my mother would importance, however I feel it provides a negligible too much one thing and I feel the judges will love it.


I'm going to complete it through hand simply so I will be able to actually regulate the...quantity of peaks.

Tim, voice-over: First glance.

That is the phase I dislike since you're simply on the liniency of the oven and the timer.

I do know I say it to my youngsters the entire pace, "Be patient," however perhaps I wish to speed a few of that recommendation myself within the kitchen.

Don't hold opening that oven.

It'll by no means prepare dinner.

Ha ha ha!

As we've clear in earlier demanding situations, it's very tricky for me to get up nonetheless and simply let the oven do its factor.

[Sniffing] Lam: The illness whilst you unhidden your oven is you lose 5, 10 levels each and every pace you unhidden that door.

Tim, voice-over: However I'm being attentive to the entire comments they're giving me, so, I'm simply moving to get up there like a child at a sweet store and glance during the glass and produce certain it's baking correctly.

Oh, don't dare unhidden that factor.

I don't dare.

All proper... Hello, Doug.

Tiffany, how are you?

I'm properly.

You're dressed in my place of origin colours lately.

So, are we able to travel to any wearing match in Pittsburgh?

I'm able.

So, on your Dutch Young children, you don't--I don't need you to unhidden not anything.


All proper.

Oven's at 450.


In point of fact scorching.


That's the entire level, proper?

I'm operating this upper than I do at house, evidently, through 50 levels, as a result of I simply really feel like each and every pace I unhidden it, it loses the entire warmth.

It does.

So... You can't unhidden.

I'm at 50 levels upper than customary.


I find it irresistible.

This isn't your first pace doing this.

Now not making this dish.


Were given it.

I've to mention, Doug, you've been kicking butt.

The residue out of your first age in your 2nd in your 3rd.

I will be able to't consider it.

I felt lovely beneficial entering lately, however I additionally really feel just like the power's on.

I cruel, as a result of every so often whilst you've carried out properly, there's nowhere to travel however i'm sick.

Ha ha!

So, I'm simply seeking to do the most efficient I will be able to do.

Quite a lot of good fortune.

Can't wait to struggle it.



Kim: That is moving to be tight.

♪ I'm a negligible apprehensive, however I'm going to concentrate on my plantains for now, as a result of a minimum of I do know that's moving to be beneficial.

Adjo, voice-over: For my small quiche, I'm moving to provide it on a mattress of fried plantains, as a result of utmost age, the judges liked my plantains.

Derry: Certainly one of my favourite issues on a plate at this time is those plantains.

Oh, thanks, Chef.

I'm hitting them with the whole lot else that they prefer.

You already know what I'm pronouncing?

♪ Simply please, please prepare dinner.

Marcella, voice-over: For my small bundt truffles, I'm moving to do a standard cannoli filling with ricotta and powdered sugar.

I'm simply going.


They've risen.

Simply desire a great, even dollop.

How are you feeling, guys?

You handiest have 7 mins left.

Mae, you're moving to produce it?

I want extra pace.

Oh, deny, deny!

Lam: It nonetheless wishes pace, huh?

Medium uncommon cake isn't actually a factor you need.

I want 8 too much mins.

You were given this.

You were given it.

Inform that to my truffles.

Nonetheless now not brown.

And I will be able to't be opening it.

♪ Do just a negligible extra.

Mae, voice-over: I've to show that warmth up.

However the risk of this is if the temperature is upper, you're going to get a extra dried cake.

And I realize it's now not carried out.

Persistence, proper?

Yeah... Smartly, they're emerging actually properly.

Yeah, however the manage must be brown and it's now not.

And I put the warmth on upper however I don't need it to burn.

I do know.

Mae, voice-over: I've to speed a probability on it to be a negligible dried and get it completed.

♪ To this point, Timmay is a cheerful boy.

Ooh, those guys are having a look beneficial.

They're simply so lavish.

I simply love them.

Take a look at that.

It's having a look great, doesn't it?

Hollingsworth: Ooh!

I love it.

Future of fact right here, pals.

[Exhales] What's going down?

What's going down?




One tiny left.

That is it.

Can't support it.

It wishes baking pace.

We're simply moving to struggle to do that with out it getting too messy.

Ramos: Oof!

I like that piping scorching mug of espresso, Kim.

Jon, how are they having a look?

They're having a look lovely rattling beneficial, y'all.

You already know what I'm doing then?

A negligible little bit of salt.

[Laughter] ♪ It's lovely a lot carried out.

Sure, Mae.

Plantains for each and every dish, Adjo.

And upcoming avoid wasting for us.

Plantains are going down over right here.

Ramos: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Occasion's up, everybody.

Occasion's up, pace's up.

Tim: Whoo!

Mae: Whoo!

♪ We gave you 60 mins to bake us your favourite breakfast dish.

I'm now not certain a barn has ever smelled this beneficial prior to.

Doug, come and fasten us.

Doug: I've ready for you an apple Dutch Child or German pancake, with whipped cream that has cardamom.

Lam: The flavour is actually superb right here, and the spice cream is a gorgeous contact.

I actually love the cardamom in it.

That does upload an overly advanced floral be aware to it.

Derry: I agree, and I love that the apples nonetheless have a negligible little bit of a crunch, however the one factor about including issues to the Dutch Child, it may additionally store it i'm sick.

And so, you need to watch out in regards to the sizes that you just installed, as a result of I've apple items and upcoming the Dutch Child someplace round it.

The apples are keeping it i'm sick and I need to see it develop and do its factor, however flavor-wise, it's actually scrumptious.

Doug: Thanks, Cooks.

Ramos: Kim.

Kim: Lately, I made for you mocha chip scones, one with simply unadorned sanding sugar and the alternative is crowned with an coffee glaze.

Kim, initially, the scones are scrumptious.

A accumulation of occasions after I'm having pastries within the morning, , like, it's generally a number of various kinds of pastries.

So, I like the truth that now we have a pair other possible choices.

I feel my favourite chunk is after I speed the sugar one and I dip it within the espresso.

That's a actually beneficial chunk.

This is my favourite technique to have it, too.

[Laughter] Lam: Tim, I love your way of life whilst you're like, "Usually when I have pastry in the morning, there's several different kinds."

[Laughter] Lam: Kim, scones are so regularly dried, more or less fall aside.

That is the rest however, has a pleasing crunch issue, a pleasing crackle issue.

In point of fact, actually magnificient activity.


All proper, Tim, come fasten us.

Tim: I've made a grits casserole that I produce at house with nation ham, highly spiced sausage, and bacon in there.


Oh, OK. Wow, a trifecta.

Lam: Tim, I do know you're calling this a grits casserole, however actually, it is a beneficial pig casserole.

OK. [Laughs] Those are somewhat highly spiced sausage, which I love.

I like the flavour of the rustic ham.

It provides that form of dried, elderly tang to it.

Derry: I've to mention, Tim, I'm completely taking part in this.

It's the primary pace I've ever had this and I'm like, "What is happening?"

I didn't develop up with this.

I want I might have.

I actually, actually love the sun-baked edges throughout.

Like, it nonetheless looks like grits.

It's scrumptious.

Yeah, the ones negligible sun-baked edges, guy.

All proper.

That's the place it's at.

Adjo, come fasten us.

Adjo: I made egg and cheese small quiche on a mattress of fried plantains.

Derry: Ooh.

Hollingsworth: Mm.

Hollingsworth: You already know we adore your fried plantains, so, thanks once more for making the ones for us.

You probably did a wonderful activity at the bake at the eggs.

However the dough itself, it's a negligible undercooked, proper?

It's a negligible underneath.

It wanted only a negligible bit upper warmth and extra pace.

Adjo: OK.

So, to bring to succeed in that, we'd pre-bake it a negligible bit and upcoming upload that egg custard in there.

However your egg is beautiful.

It's custardy.

It's stunning.

Thanks, Cooks.

All proper, Jon, come fasten us.

Jon: I made soy chorizo and potato empanadas with a brandnew avocado inexperienced salsa.

Derry: The toughest a part of this problem was once making the dough, and that's my favourite phase.

Oh, great.

Thanks such a lot.

I cruel, it's flaky and hard.

However whilst you consider how a lot filling is within the within and what kind of dough you could have, there's now not a complete accumulation of filling on its own.

So, I feel in case you made them only a negligible bit greater, you may've had a negligible extra filling and upcoming you'll have a extra flavorful chunk.

Hollingsworth: I trust Tiffany.

I feel your seasoning at the filling is wonderful, however with the salsa, it must be, like, kicked up only a negligible bit, a negligible bit extra lime, and indisputably a negligible bit extra salt.

Don't store again for us.

I respect the ones feedback.

Thank y'all.


Superb activity.

Marcella, you're up.

Marcella: I've made a Sicilian cannoli bundt cake.

Lam: The cake is actually properly made.

As a result of you could have the ricotta in there, it's a negligible bit denser, however I feel it assists in keeping its moisture actually properly.

And I feel it's simply actually properly sweetened.

Hollingsworth: And I agree.

I feel that the ricotta actually is helping steadiness that unclear however nonetheless wet cake.

Nevertheless it's a negligible bit too decadent for me.

Even supposing I do know for a proven fact that my youngsters would no with me they usually evidently would need that on manage.


Mae, come fasten us.

Hi, judges.

I made cinnamon cocoa espresso cake and I've been making this cake since I used to be 12 years vintage.

Derry: I feel to kill in an life is motivated, and I feel that you just did that.

I cruel, the feel of that is simply stunning.

It virtually feels pound cake-like.

Lam: You indisputably really feel the lightness within the cake.

However, to me, it tasted perhaps a marginally overbaked.

It was once origination to get a negligible bit dried.

And I feel perhaps in case you added a marginally of salt within the cocoa and the cinnamon simply to, like, produce that taste of the cocoa pop.

However you've been making this cake for 60 years?

Yeah, I'm now not moving to inform you the rest about this cake... Negative, I feel that's if truth be told a good suggestion.


Lam: Thanks, Mae.

Mae, voice-over: I realize it sounds foolish, however I am getting emotional about most of these recipes.

They're like my small children.

However I at all times respect the judges' opinions as a result of they know their stuff.

♪ Within the utmost around, you had 60 mins to arrange a baked breakfast dish.

Judges, whose dishes had been on manage this around?

Our first favourite dish of the around was once... for the first actual pace, Tim.

[Laughter and applause] Thanks.


Hollingsworth: Your grits casserole was once wonderful.

The truth that you place 3 various kinds of red meat in there, the cheese, that crust at the out of doors.

It was once the very best breakfast merchandise that I will be able to't wait to produce when I am getting house for my youngsters.

Thanks, Chef.

Tim, voice-over: I simply can't consider it.

Possibly I'm in any case entering my very own.

They're sight what Tim can do.

It feels beneficial.

I hold pronouncing baking's now not my factor, however I'm origination to assume perhaps it's.

Our alternative manage house prepare dinner of the around is... Marcella.

[Laughter and applause] Your Sicilian cannoli small bundt truffles actually evoked what I like about cannoli.

That ricotta filling.

The wonder.

However I additionally concept it was once so cool that the sides of the cake if truth be told had, like, a crunchiness that stroke a chord in my memory of cannoli.


To win on a baking round-- which is, for me, more than likely one of the crucial toughest challenges-- is actually giving me the arrogance to stand any problem that comes my means.

Ramos: Magnificient activity, chefs.

We will be able to't wait to peer what you do within the then around.

♪ Within the utmost around, we requested you to produce us a baked beneficial for breakfast.

In your 2nd around, we're inviting you all to the second one annual "Great American Recipe" bake sale.

[Laughter and applause] Latter season, we tasted some bake sale pieces that will promote out at any desk.

Now it's your flip.

You'll have 75 mins to produce a bundle treats for our judges to experience lately.

Bakers, are you able?

Chefs: In a position.

In a position.

All proper, beneficial, as a result of your pace begins now.

[Cheering and applause] ♪ Butter.

[Oven beeping] All proper, judges, that is the second one annual "Great American Recipe" bake sale.

What will we need to see popping out of those ovens?

Lam: Whilst you consider a bake sale, you were given a accumulation of festival at the desk.

If everybody's bringing one thing, what's moving to produce your factor get up out?

Hollingsworth: I feel we need to see one thing the place they're striking, like, a personalized touch on it.

Derry: Sure.

I need to see family simply bake with their center.

I additionally need to see some cloudless method.

If it's intended to be crunchy, produce it crunchy.

If it's intended to drag aside, let it hurry aside.

Like, all of the ones simply unadorned tactics of baking.

♪ A negligible bit extra ♪ I've plenty of historical past with bake sale as a result of I've 3 wonderful daughters that had been in such a lot of other golf equipment.

[Whirring] For this bake sale, I need to produce one thing particular from my tradition.

So, I'm moving to produce polvorones, often referred to as Mexican wedding ceremony cookies.

"Polvo" method powder, and the entire concept is that moment they've this gorgeous texture, whilst you put them to your mouth, they form of with taste.

It's this buttery, ball-shaped cookie with walnuts and pecans, very just like a shortbread.

Jon is making polvorones.

Throughout Latin The usa is one thing that all of us grew up consuming.

I grew up consuming an almond model, however there are pecan, walnuts.

Some family upload cinnamon.

I put a negligible rum in mine.

Awe, miracle.

I grew up with them, too, however now not in Chinese language mode, in a Filipino mode.

Ramos: Oh, yeah.

Lam: You chunk into them, they virtually, like, need to fall aside in, like, a wonderful means.

Ramos: Yeah.

♪ Polvorones ♪ [Laughs] ♪ Powdaired sugare.

Tim: voice-over: I'm a negligible worried about this around as a result of like I hold pronouncing, baking isn't my factor.

It's like distracted science, however I'm expectantly moving to do one thing particular.

[Mixer whirring] I'm making raspberry tartlets.

That is my spouse's recipe, if truth be told.

My spouse Ashley, she's my spouse in crime.

She began making those next we had youngsters.

So, that is to honor my spouse.

I'm hoping that I produce her proud right here.

It's only a negligible shortbread cup with the raspberry saving filling with some shortbread crumbles on manage.

On this dough, we've were given a ton of butter, and my undercover substances of almond and vanilla withdraw.

So, now we're going to position a few of our raspberry preserves.

And I produce certain that there's only a few crumbles over the whole lot.

Hi, Tim.


How are you doing, ma'am?

I'm beneficial.

How are you?

Doing beneficial.

I stored one of the dough to collapse it on manage and the whole lot and put it in there.

I might say watch out with all the ones crumbs that's across the aspects, as a result of that may burn, and also you don't need any of that to get into your tarts.

I'll indisputably get that wiped clean off.

So, you had a actually beneficial pace lately.

I do know.

I'm actually stoked about it.

I used to be hoping that grits would simply store the punch.

Be nominated for one, for one manage lately.

So, I'm hoping I will be able to perhaps get an honorable point out for this one, as properly.

Wow, what a pace that will be, proper?

It will be a wonderful pace for me.

It's given me a negligible little bit of spice up of self assurance again.

Sure, sure, sure.

Excellent good fortune.

All proper.


Watch out with that colour at the out of doors.

OK. Yeah.

Tim, voice-over: I need to display the judges that I'm taking note of the entire issues they're pronouncing to finesse those plates.

I actually need to be within the finale.

I simply need to display my youngsters that you'll be able to do the rest.

♪ OK.

That is my Sicilian model of a bake sale.

I'm making a standard Sicilian pastry referred to as zeppole with a sweetened ricotta filling.

OK. A zeppole is largely a mode of a cream puff.

Simply need to get all the ones chunks of flour.

Marcella, voice-over: It's moving to be bright and ethereal and yellowish.

It's simply the very best Italian pastry and it makes me bring to mind my daughter.

She loves making those for her dad.

And this zeppole has particular which means for me as it symbolizes a patron saint of the island of Sicily, which is St. Joseph.

They usually're made on Father's Date in Italy.

However I've by no means made those prior to with out my daughter Ada through my aspect.

I desire a negligible Ada with me.

Modest Adie-bug.

Marcella, voice-over: Having Ada in my nook for this prepare dinner is the whole lot to me, as a result of she is such an inspiration for me as a mother.

So, so as to look over my shoulder and spot her smiling face, it's moving to be the undercover factor for this dish.

That is my daughter's favourite phase.

Marcella, voice-over: I actually need to get a pleasing top.

I would like them to attract the visions of any individual who would see those on a desk at a bake sale.

And into the oven we're going to travel.

♪ That is one thing that I feel would do actually properly at bake gross sales.

Adjo, voice-over: For the bake sale, I'm making my plantain cookies with roasted coconut and chocolate rain.

They're now not, like, your conventional candy bake whilst you consider cookies, as it's now not overloaded with sugar.

The sugar is herbal from the plantain and the apples.

It's simply roasted plantains, actually.

Adjo, voice-over: Rising up, I ate roasted plantains the entire pace.

I'm slicing them into miniature chunks.

I'm the use of two other form of plantains, person who's totally comfortable and person who's more difficult, so as to add texture.

And I'm the use of arrowroot starch as a binding agent.

In West African cooking, we don't prepare dinner with flour.

Negative wheat, deny added sweeteners, deny added sugars.

They're wholesome cookies that if truth be told style beneficial.


I'll simply stick this in right here.

Like, hi!

Ha ha!

[Clang] Ooh!


[Whirring] Heavens!

Mae, voice-over: Spherical two, I'm able.

I like bake gross sales.

I used to be in control of the bake sale for greater than 18 years at my church, so, I do know simply the recipe I need to importance.

I'm making the Chinese language almond cookies.

They're simple they usually're scrumptious.

Mae, voice-over: For my dough, I'm the use of part shortening and part butter, and I put a negligible cream of tartar as a result of I need to assure that it is a hard cookie.

And, after all, probably the most remarkable factor is the almond essence.

This can be a very auspicious cookie as a result of we at all times provide at Unutilized Life's as it reminds one of the crucial olden coin.

So, that's an indication of prosperity.

Mae, voice-over: Chinese language Unutilized Life is an excellent pace for meals stuffed with symbolism.

And in addition throughout Unutilized Life's, they might put a negligible crimson circle across the almond as a result of crimson is at all times a fortunate colour.

I like speaking about Chinese language meals and form of teach family what the symbolism within the other meals is, as a result of that's all a part of me.

Purple is my fortunate colour.

I like crimson.

♪ Ahh.

Butter makes it higher.

Doug, voice-over: For the bake sale, I'm making my Grandma Wanda's chocolate chip bar, which some family may also know as a blondie.

The batter features a ton of butter.

I'm browning my butter so it provides it a pleasing caramelly be aware, at the side of some eggs and flour and a few leaveners and brown sugar.


My God, that smells like toffee.


Doug, voice-over: It additionally comprises some espresso.

I surprise, every so often, was once my grandma seeking to mess together with her youngsters, giving them a negligible jolt of caffeine.

Doug, voice-over: My grandma was once actually simply certainly one of my culinary idols.

Simply from listening to, like, family speak about her tenacity.

Like, , she had nights that she needed to feed her community and had perhaps a can of inexperienced beans, and she or he figured it out and made it occur.

And so, I feel it's remarkable to prepare dinner one thing that she would had been cooking.

Now it's pace to brighten the manage.

I've carried out a couple of issues with this bar to produce it my very own and replace it quite.

Get started with some chips.

Doug, voice-over: And I manage it with the similar chocolate chips that she at all times old, at the side of some crispy cherries that I rehydrate and shelled, roasted salted pistachios makes a pleasing crunch around the manage.

I feel we'd like a couple of extra pistachios.

Grandma would possibly have concept that this was once perhaps a negligible bit extravagant, however we're doing it.

OK. We're going within the oven.

We're at half-hour, everybody.

half-hour left.

♪ ♪ Making a multitude ♪ Kim, voice-over: Once I pay attention bake sale problem, I'm actually excited.

That is indisputably my jam.

I've participated in lots of bake gross sales prior to.

Kim, voice-over: My ladies, the entire pace they had been going via fundamental college, center college, highschool, Lady Scouts, you title it, I baked for it.

I'm moving to produce a sourdough rhubarb cupcake with a strawberry rhubarb buttercream frosting.

We develop a accumulation of rhubarb in Alaska, and we struggle to consider a accumulation of various tactics to importance it, simply because it's so, like, abundant.

I'm at all times searching for excuses to eliminate the rhubarb.

Kim, voice-over: Rhubarb's lovely bitter, so, every time you pair rhubarb with the rest, you indisputably wish to upload a negligible sweetness to it.

In my rhubarb batter is a melted chocolate bar, rhubarb, and...I'm the use of a sourdough starter.

Ramos: Kim!

I'm curious what you've were given in that jar over there.

Kim: This is sourdough starter from Alaska.

Legend has it it's over 120 years vintage.

Ramos: Whoo!

Lam: What, legend has it?

It's been written about within the scrolls?


[Laughter] Consistent with my mother, when my great-great-grandpa emigrated from Scotland to Alaska, he was once both proficient the sourdough or he would possibly have if truth be told introduced it with him.

Have you ever been feeding it the entire pace you're right here?


Yeah, I've, yeah.

[Laughs] OK. Kim, voice-over: A sourdough starter is a yeasty, bitter more or less batter that you just hold within the refrigerator whilst you're now not the use of, and also you feed it flour and H2O each and every couple weeks to hold it alive.

It additionally provides, like, a tangy, bitter taste.

Lam: Sourdough starter.

I cruel, it feels form of magical.

[Laughter] It's now not if truth be told witchcraft.

It's simply biology.

It's alive, proper?

A starter is alive.

Derry and Ramos: It's alive!

So, it actually is dependent upon the way it's reacting.

The truth that it must be, like, thriving to bring for it to construct, I feel is like rolling the cube a negligible bit, however, whats up, 120 years vintage.

Seems like she's labored with it.

Ramos: Yeah.

quarter-hour left.

♪ I feel they're cash.

Tim, voice-over: Those negligible raspberry tartlets.

They're my spouse's recipe.

So, I'm making one thing this is alike and expensive to me however I additionally do need to get dressed it up a negligible bit, as a result of I feel that'll let the judges know that I'm taking note of the entire issues they're pronouncing.

Now comes the joys a part of melting chocolate.

Tim, voice-over: I feel that the bittersweet unlit chocolate will travel wonderful with the candy tartness of the raspberry.

I'm the use of a double boiler.

I'm going to soften i'm sick some unlit chocolate and rain some over the completed product.

I feel I'm moving to salt it, as properly.

Going for extra of a mature bake sale right here profile.

So, I am hoping you prefer that I old your recipe, babe.

Hope you're now not distracted I added to it.

♪ Ohh.

Now it's the ready sport.

Doug, voice-over: The principle factor I'm fearful about is overbaking Grandma Wanda's chocolate chip bar.

I don't desire a juiceless cookie bar.

It will have to nonetheless be chewy and scrumptious.

The nice factor is that the dough is puffing up throughout all the toppings, and that appears beneficial.

That appears beneficial.

I'm going to cool for approximately every other 9 mins.

Jon turns out so quiet, like he's in his rhythm.

I might appear quiet.

I'm really not.

I notice I wish to hold my A sport occurring as a result of there are countless of fierce competition on this festival.

Hi there, Jon.

How are you doing?

I've by no means been in this aspect of the barn but, ever.

Negative kidding, guy.

Is your stuff within the oven all proper?

I'm ready.


So, it is a conventional, uh, Mexican cookie.

It's referred to as a polvoron.

Oh, I like that.

And upcoming generally, the standard topping is cinnamon sugar, however I'm additionally doing garden walnuts and pecans along with powdered sugar.

There's 3 form of isolated toppings.

Oh, you've were given a bonus as a result of mine glance the entire identical.

Negative, deny... You're doing, like, 3 other cookies.

Negative, I'm making the similar.

It's the similar cookie bottom.

It's simply what you place at the manage of it.

Sounds beneficial.

Ramos: 10 mins.

This is more or less freaking me out.

There we travel.

Adjo: Shake it, shake it, shake it.

Scorching, sweaty, sweaty.

Hi there, Adjo.

Hello, Chef Francis.

How are you?

I'm on the point of soften my chocolate.

So, as soon as the cookies are out they usually've cooled i'm sick, I'm going so as to add one of the roasted coconut shreds for texture.

It's moving to naturally be an overly chewy cookie.

And so, whilst you're toasting the coconut, generally at the range manage, however I do see, like, a accumulation of variation in colour.


If it's a bake sale, it's moving to be on a desk with alternative issues.

So, no matter you'll be able to to produce it glance interesting and thrilling.

However what I'm doing right here was once choosing out the nice ones, and I produce certain I come up with guys a pleasing, constant, yellowish... Stunning.

That's beneficial considering.


I'm studying.

Each and every age is a fresh be informed, so, I were given you.

All proper.

Thanks such a lot.


Right here we travel.

♪ Negative.

Secure it closed!

Marcella, voice-over: Hour those zeppoles are baking within the oven, I'm going again to my ricotta filling.

I'm draining my ricotta so it doesn't produce the cream puff all delicate.

You need to see the entire H2O dripping out.

Marcella, voice-over: There's not anything worse than biting right into a soggy zeppole.

And upcoming I'm including mascarpone cheese, sugar, and lemon eagerness.

Hi there, Kimmie.

What do I am getting to struggle?

That is my zeppole ricotta filling.

Must I simply shove all of it in my mouth?

Simply shove it to your mouth like my daughter does.


Are you able to style the lemon?

Possibly a titch extra lemon.

Titch extra lemon?

Yeah, but it surely's absolute best candy.


Best candy?

It's so beneficial.

OK, beneficial.

Ramos: 7 mins left.

Were given you, I were given you.


♪ I'm concentrating!

Hour my sourdough rhubarb cupcakes are cooling, I get started on my frosting.

I'm doing a cream cheese buttercream as a result of I would like it to be that negligible little bit of candy, and upcoming the rhubarb is for the tangy style, and the strawberry is if truth be told for the colour.

Kim, voice-over: You need a actually beneficial texture to your buttercream.

I would like it to be comfortable and fluffy and creamy.

Future of fact.

Oh, my frosting penniless a negligible bit.

Once I added the rhubarb, one thing with the chemical steadiness came about.

I feel striking the rhubarb in added residue H2O to my frosting.

It's having a look a negligible too brightness, virtually oily.

I realize it's moving to style beneficial.

I simply want it didn't have that more or less, like, clumpy glance to it.

One tiny left!

That is it!

Kim, voice-over: I don't have pace to produce every other frosting.

I simply need to travel with it.


I don't know what else to name it.

Ooh, great.

Adjo: Oh!

Jon: Don't lose the cherry.

♪ I'm moving to produce enough of cash.

♪ Ramos: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Occasion's up!

[Cheering and applause] It's bake sale pace.

♪ For this 2nd around, we requested you to produce us your tastiest deal with for the second one annual "Great American Recipe" bake sale.

And I will have to say, it is a stunning bake sale unfold.

Am I proper, judges?




Tim, come fasten us.

Tim: Lately, I baked my spouse's raspberry tartlet recipe, however I increased it with a negligible little bit of bittersweet unlit chocolate and a negligible little bit of salt.

Lam: Tim, I don't need to inform you learn how to reside your pace, guy, however unsolicited marital recommendation?


Don't say you increased your spouse's recipe.

[Laughter] "I changed it.

I put my spin on it."

That stated, it's subtle.

I like how hard however graceful the crust is.

I like the quantity of raspberry filling you could have as it's shining and tart.

It's excellently made.

Derry: I agree wholeheartedly.

I like the truth that the shortbread cookie is yellowish brown across the out of doors, and I feel that on a bake sale would indisputably promote.

Thanks all.

Nearest up--Kim.

Kim, what did you produce for us?

I made sourdough rhubarb cupcakes with a strawberry rhubarb buttercream and a negligible chocolate tree topper.

Lam: You need to indisputably style the sourdough starter in some way that I feel is actually superb.

The cake has a negligible little bit of a bitter style by itself.

Upcoming you get to the rhubarb, which clearly has a accumulation of acidity, so, it provides a complexity, and there's a actually great bridge between the 2.

Hollingsworth: I agree.

Rhubarb in chunks, it virtually eats like banana bread.

I actually love it.

The one factor that I might say is that the frosting is a negligible bit damaged.


I added the rhubarb and upcoming one thing came about and it-- yeah, the too much liquid.


So, curdled a negligible bit.


Nevertheless it's a wonderful taste.


Mae, come and fasten us.

Hi, judges.

I made the Chinese language almond cookies.

We at all times get started the fresh 12 months with those cookies.

Derry: The almond taste is lovely, and upcoming having that crunch of that cast almond within the middle, it actually is helping in the entire taste of the cookie.

Smartly, Mae, those cookies are very nostalgic for me, and what I actually like here's the feel is so extremely graceful.

It holds in combination, it's now not falling aside, however whilst you chunk it, it simply provides means immediately.

Then again, it's essential additionally style a negligible little bit of the baking powder.

However that almond chunk is that cash chunk.

Derry: Yeah.


Ramos: Thanks, Mae.

Mae: Thanks.

Adjo, come fasten us.

Adjo: Lately, I made some plantain cookies with bitter apples, roasted coconut topping, and chocolate.


And the beauty is only from the plantain.

Derry: There's deny subtle sugar in right here?


I will be able to consume 5 of 'em, .

You'll be able to, if truth be told.

It's actually scrumptious.

It holds in combination very properly.

It's so chewy.

Nearly like a mochi.

One of these balanced sweetness.

I've to mention, I like the bits of apple in there.

That negligible little bit of tartness.

I've simply by no means had the rest like this, and it's very thrilling.


Thanks such a lot.

I agree, and I don't even like toasted coconut.

Like, it's like one of the crucial handiest issues that I don't like.

However you could have modified my thoughts.

[Laughter] Jon.

You're up.

Judges, I made polvorones, often referred to as Mexican wedding ceremony cookies, with 3 other coatings-- the cinnamon and sugar, rolled garden nuts, and upcoming powdered sugar.

Derry: Jon, I love the feel and the flavour of getting the walnut and pecan in combination.

Pecan is a negligible extra to your face, and that walnut creates a actually great aroma and crumb.

Hollingsworth: Yeah.

My mother at all times made it with pecan, as properly, and every so often I've had them the place they're dried.

Now not my mother's.

After all now not my mother's.

By no means your mother's.

However those are very wet.

Oh, thanks.

The one factor that I may just actually say is there's only a negligible dearth of uniformity with one of the balls, so, I'd simply struggle to hold them a negligible bit extra constant whilst you're making them.

Thanks, judges.

Recognize it.

Doug, come fasten us.

Hi, judges.

I baked for you my Grandma Wanda's chocolate chip bar, or what maximum other folks would more than likely name blondies.

Once I appeared on the base of this...

I cruel, it's natural perfection.

Like, that's what we're going for.

It isn't too brown.

It's absolute best the entire means as much as the ones edges.

The one factor that I might counsel is chop the cherries only a negligible bit, as a result of there are occasions whilst you get a actually immense chew of cherry.

Lam: Yeah, I agree, there's a accumulation occurring on this factor.

I do assume there's some part of, like, residue, however I feel if I used to be only a buyer at a desk, I'd be like, "Ooh woo woo!"

[Ramos laughs] You might be indisputably moving to get your cash's significance.

Thanks such a lot.


I made for you lately zeppole.

I old a standard ricotta filling.

My daughter is the person who I've traditionally made this with.

In truth, lately was once the primary pace I've ever made this dish with out her.


I feel I did her proud.

Lam: Marcella, with those sort pastries, after they get very brown, they're very eggy tasting.

However that is bright and a extra shrewd, extra subtle taste.

Derry: I trust Francis at the prepare dinner, and after I style the ricotta.

it's affluent prosperous and hearty and scrumptious.

And I like the lemon eagerness pop.

It's actually great.

And I feel your daughter would completely be so proud.

Thanks, Chef.

Marcella, voice-over: It's actually been an ordinary present to present my daughter the similar reviews within the kitchen that my mother gave to me and more than likely her mother gave to her, and expectantly, she'll give to her youngsters, too.

♪ I'm so inspired with everybody's bake sale pieces.

This will be the easiest bakery to your the city.

I don't offer what the city you reside in.

After all.

That order could be across the stop.

All proper, judges, which baked items actually delivered lately?

Certainly one of my favorites was once Adjo's plantain cookie.

She was once considering via it plenty to travel, "OK, I need that tart apple.

And then I need some crispies from the coconut."

And it simply felt beneficial to consume.

And upcoming I discovered she didn't upload any sugar.


Lam: It was once incredible.

Derry: It was once.

I actually need to speak about Marcella's zeppole.

Ramos: Yeah.

Lam: The pastry itself was once candy and shrewd, and it was once so intriguing for her to squeeze out the ricotta so it didn't sog out the pastry.

Hollingsworth: Yeah, I agree.

I feel general it gave the impression of a obese chunk.

It was once bright.

Lam: Yeah.

She completely nailed it.

Ramos and Derry: Yeah.

Hollingsworth: I gotta say, Tim had a wonderful around one and he actually inspired us once more together with his raspberry tartlet in around two.

Lam: The very unlit chocolate I believed was once so intriguing as it was once actually one thing that was once advanced and it was once excellently made.

On the finish of the pace, I couldn't forbid consuming it.

It was once simply so beneficial.

So beneficial.

There have been such a lot of beautiful muffins this around, however there have been a pair that didn't somewhat accident the mark lately.


Kim's sourdough rhubarb cupcakes had been so stunning and scrumptious, however she threw that rhubarb in there and it simply fracture that buttercream.

Lam: Yeah, I agree.

The frosting appeared a negligible grainy.

Derry: It was once scrumptious.

It's simply at this generation within the festival, you'll be able to't have one a part of your plate missing.

Ramos: Yeah.

Lam: I would like in order up Mae's cookie.

Derry: Ooh.

Lam: It was once some of the properly made Chinese language almond cookie I've ever had.

Derry: Wow.

Lam: Her regulate of taste is so actual and so graceful.

However in that readability, it's essential additionally style a negligible little bit of the baking powder and-- Simply the tiniest bit.

Simply the tiniest bit.

Derry: Yeah.

Ramos: Needless to say.

Derry: And we need to speak about Doug's blondie.

It was once stunning, however there was once a accumulation of the whole lot.

I feel Doug will have proven a negligible little bit of restraint on a few of the ones toppings, and it might had been manage dish, since the cookie itself was once fantastic, but it surely was once such a lot occurring.

Ramos: All proper, judges, are you all in commitment about who will get the blue ribbon for this bake sale?

Yeah, I feel so, yeah.

All proper, upcoming, let's convey the chefs again in.

♪ Ramos: Chefs, we requested you to bake your tastiest deal with for our "Great American Recipe" bake sale.

Prior to we get to the favorites this age, the judges need to give a negligible little bit of comments to a few the dishes.

The primary dish was once... Kim's, along with your sourdough rhubarb cupcakes.

We if truth be told actually liked the theory and the tale at the back of it, that 120-year-old sourdough starter.

However, as all of us noticed, the frosting penniless a negligible bit, and so, it had a negligible little bit of the grainy texture.


And the alternative dish that was once a negligible bit missing lately was once Doug's.

Your Grandma Wanda's blondies had been tremendous scrumptious, however I feel that your dish will have old a negligible little bit of enhancing.

It didn't want all the toppings that you just placed on there.


Now, which bake sale pieces do you assume would promote out in a snap?

The primary deal with that got here out on manage was once... Tim's.


[Cheering and applause] Your raspberry tartlet jogged my memory of the negligible raspberry cookies my mother old to produce when I used to be a child.

It had the gorgeous, crumbly cookie texture.

General, scrumptious, scrumptious chunk that I might indisputably purchase on the bake sale.

Thanks, Chef.


Derry: Our then favourite deal with was once... Adjo along with your plantain and apple cookies.

In truth, Adjo, we had by no means had a cookie somewhat like this.

The feel that you just had been in a position to get through merely the use of the plantain itself, the apple, the tartness, the crunchy coconut, the chocolate on manage, and now not one ounce of subtle sugar, like, that continues to throw away my thoughts.

It was once a actually cast chunk of a cookie like we've by no means had prior to.

Thanks such a lot.


Superb activity, you two, however there can handiest be one bake sale winner.

Lam: So, our favourite bake sale merchandise was once... Tim's.

[Cheering and applause] Tim, you higher communicate in your spouse, guy.

Tim: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Laughter] You higher thank her.

I will be able to.

Say, "I'm so sorry.

It was a slip of the tongue."

[Laughter] However actually, your raspberry tartlets had been extraordinary.

From a technical viewpoint, so hard, so graceful.

The flavors had been all so well-balanced.

I might attempt to consider a bakery that will produce a raspberry tartlet that I'd need greater than that.

Thanks such a lot.


Give it up right here.

I'm moving to need to reconsider this baking factor, proper?

Tim, voice-over: Tremendous elated.

Tremendous satisfied.

Now not handiest was once I within the manage two times, however I gained the problem.

Baking isn't my area of expertise, however upcoming once more, it was once my spouse's recipe that I old, so, Ashley, thanks.

Thank you for the whole lot.

Ramos: We'll adios then age for extra of "The Great American Recipe."

[Cheering and applause] Chefs: Bye.

Marcella: Come on, bestie.

Adjo: OK, bestie.

Ramos, voice-over: Nearest pace on "The Great American Recipe"... We will be able to't wait to style your particular moment dishes.

Doug, voice-over: It's moving to be a birthday party.

Derry: I need to really feel like I'm particular after I consume this as a result of, clearly, this dish is so particular to them.

Marcella: Meals is the epicenter of all celebrations.

Mae, voice-over: I've a probability to produce it to the finale, however I've to up the sport.

I would like redemption.

Sounds such as you guys have come to an commitment.


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