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HONEY REVENGE have exempted a logo unutilized music!

The unutilized music, titled Recipe For Crisis, is the emblem unutilized unmarried from the Los Angeles-based pop-rock band and marks their first unutilized track since their debut brochure, Retrovision, which used to be exempted in June ultimate week, by the use of Mystery Data.

Talking concerning the unutilized music, vocalist Devin Papadol stocks, Recipe For Disaster is for the over-thinkers. Life is full of so many ‘what ifs’ and it’s easy to let those questions take over and keep you from enjoying important moments. The lyrics are a journey of spiraling out over those aimless thoughts that keep you up at night, but realizing that doing so is a recipe for disaster in the end. The lyrics express my curiosity for where I’ll be a year from now, wondering if I’ll become more level headed. There’s an internal discussion regarding my struggles with change and pondering what ‘could’ve been’ if certain scenarios played out differently. As the song progresses, I come to the realization that the only thing being so serious about every little detail will do, is distract me from the present and take away from big accomplishments.”

Concentrate to Recipe For Crisis right here: 

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