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A community-driven mission led via keiki from Ê»Ahahui ʻŌpio Aloha ʻĀina has beautified and enhanced HawaiÊ»i County’s Hale Hālāwai soil in ancient Kailua Village in Kona.

Picture courtesy of Hawaiʻi County

The mission was once finished underneath the steering of Hale Hālāwai Recess Director James “Nish” Nishimura.

It highlights the usefulness of collaboration in keeping and embellishing the sweetness and cultural heritage of our native areas.

Hale Hālāwai is a network laze facility providing a lot of methods and actions for folk of every age. The soil is devoted to offering a preserve and alluring condition that promotes wellness, cultural enrichment and network engagement.


The scholars from ʻAhahui ʻŌpio Aloha ʻĀina, a adolescence group dedicated to nurturing a love and appreciate for the ʻāina (land) via hands-on environmental tasks and academic methods, replanted purple tī, tiare, gardenia and pua kenikeni timber across the Hale Hālāwai development.

“It is inspiring to see our county partner with the next generation of leaders from Ê»Ahahui ʻŌpio Aloha ʻĀina to restore native plants at one of Kona’s most visited parks,” stated HawaiÊ»i County Mayor Mitch Roth. “This project not only beautifies Hale Hālāwai but also instills pride and responsibility in our keiki by reconnecting them with our public spaces in a meaningful way.”

Picture courtesy of Hawaiʻi County

The newly planted purple tī, tiare, gardenia and pua kenikeni timber now welcome citizens and guests related, serving as a reminder of the local park of the Kona section.


This initiative aligns with the county’s loyalty to fostering network engagement and environmental stewardship across the Obese Island.

The beautification mission was once made imaginable via a beneficiant donation of vegetation from the Kailua Village Industry Development District, which is excited about growing a colourful, preserve and economically sustainable Kailua Village.

The group works in partnership with native companies, citizens and govt entities to reinforce the property of pace within the village via numerous growth tasks and network tasks.


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