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Mayor Phaedon Phaedonos of Paphos has taken a hands-on approach to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city's popular tourist area, Kato Paphos. In a video posted on social media, Mayor Phaedonos detailed efforts undertaken by over 60 municipality employees who have been tirelessly working to revitalize the area.

Beginning last Friday and continuing through the week, teams have focused on extensive cleaning, landscaping, and tree planting despite soaring temperatures during a heatwave.

"Our aim is to transform Kato Paphos into a beautiful, functional, and well-maintained area," Mayor Phaedonos stated in the video, outlining specific improvements. Plans include relocating signs, trimming trees, cleaning vacant lots and open spaces, removing unsightly graffiti from walls, and clearing out outdated equipment like old satellite dishes and other debris.

Highlighting an ambitious vision, Mayor Phaedonos announced upcoming initiatives to establish new flower beds as part of the redevelopment project in Theoskepasti. This endeavor, he claims, will not only make Paphos the greenest tourist area in Cyprus but also aims to set a benchmark for environmental excellence across the Mediterranean region.

"We want both our visitors and residents to enjoy strolling along pedestrian and main streets, creating a pleasant environment," Mayor Phaedonos emphasized, underscoring his commitment to making Paphos the most attractive city on the island.

The mayor pledged to provide detailed updates on progress, ensuring transparency and accountability in achieving his green initiatives.

The ongoing efforts reflect Paphos' dedication to sustainable urban development and enhancing the quality of life for all its inhabitants and visitors.

[Source: 24News]

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