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Volunteers spiff up soils

Putting in place somewhat of elbow grease and a batch of center, a bunch of community-minded volunteers were serving to spiff up an Okanagan Falls' soil.

Arranged by way of Okanagan Falls Grounds and Idleness Fee and the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen, 19 volunteers headed out on ultimate Saturday to "beautify" Kenyon Soil in preparation for summer time.

Fee chair Bob Daly mentioned the volunteers painted the long-overlooked fence between Kenyon Soil and Solar and Sand RV Soil.

"The hard-working group was able to complete painting the 395 ft fence in just under two hours. Their work made such a positive impact that, upon completion, the volunteers were rewarded with a round of applause from nearby picnickers," he shared in a information reduce.

"The OK Falls Community gives a big thanks to those volunteers who worked so hard that day: Ted Lynch; Lynette Donoghue; Bob Shanks; Barb Shanks; Jerry Stewart; Matt Taylor; Rod Hubler; Rick Wilson; Tomomi Wilson; Lili Kadagama; Sheila Daly; Colleen Simmons; Tim Doucette; Nancy Doucette; J D Thomas; Rini Vanuden; Mark Beaulieu; Paul White; Bob Daly and Recreation Coordinator, Nancy Wigley."

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