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In a contemporary learn about revealed within the JAMA Network Open, a bunch of researchers evaluated the have an effect on of workout, glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 RA) liraglutide, and their aggregate on bone fitness on the hip, backbone, and forearm following diet-induced weight reduction in adults with weight problems.

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Weight reduction reduces obesity-related comorbidities however regularly ends up in diminished bone mineral density (BMD) and larger bone giveover, elevating crack possibility and mortality. This bone loss is a priority around the lifespan, specifically in used adults, and is noticed next gastric rerouting and calorie restriction. Figuring out therapies that induce weight reduction occasion minimizing bone loss is an important. GLP-1RAs advertise weight reduction by way of suppressing urge for food. Workout is really helpful for wholesome weight reduction because it preserves incline accumulation. Additional analysis is had to identify the long-term results of GLP-1 RAs and workout on bone fitness following important weight reduction, as flow proof is proscribed and inconsistent.

In regards to the learn about

The existing learn about was once performed from August 2016 to November 2019 at Hvidovre Health facility and the College of Copenhagen. It was once licensed by way of the Regional Ethics Committee in Denmark and the Danish Medications Company, following Consolidated Requirements of Reporting Trials (CONSORT)  pointers. Individuals elderly 18-65 with a physique accumulation index (BMI) of 32-43 supplied knowledgeable consent. The ones with critical power diseases, together with diabetes, have been excluded. Then an 8-week low-calorie weight loss program (800 kcal/age), contributors who misplaced a minimum of 5% in their preliminary physique weight have been randomized into 4 teams: workout and placebo, liraglutide, a mixture of workout and liraglutide, or placebo. 

The workout intervention integrated a 6-week ramp-up section, adopted by way of vigorous-intensity team and person classes. Liraglutide or placebo was once administered day by day, origination at 0.6 mg and lengthening to a few.0 mg or the best possible tolerated dose. Per thirty days weight consultations with dietetic backup have been supplied.

Results integrated physique weight, composition, and BMD on the hip, lumbar backbone, and forearm, slow by way of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Bone giveover markers, plasma kind 1 collagen cross-linked C-telopeptide (P-CTX), and plasma propeptide of kind 1 procollagen (P-P1NP) have been assessed from fasting blood samples. The statistical research worn constrained straight blended fashions, adjusting for baseline measurements, with a two-sided P < .05 regarded as important. Knowledge research befell from March to April 2023, with extra research in February 2024.

Learn about effects

A complete of 195 contributors (cruel moment 42.84 years; 64% feminine; cruel BMI 37.00) finished the low-calorie weight loss program and have been randomized into 4 teams: workout (48 contributors), liraglutide (49 contributors), aggregate (49 contributors), and placebo (49 contributors). BMD measurements have been to be had for 158 to 161 contributors at date 52. Deny contributors have been on osteoporosis fixes, and refuse fragility fractures befell. Protection results have been reported in the past.

The cruel workout quantity was once 118 mins/date at 78% of extreme middle fee within the workout team and 111 mins/date at 79% within the aggregate team. 8 contributors finished the learn about on a decrease fix dose, and 11 discontinued the learn about fix however remained within the learn about.

The estimated cruel weight reduction was once 7.03 kg within the placebo team, 11.19 kg within the workout team, 13.74 kg within the liraglutide team, and 16.88 kg within the aggregate team. Then the preliminary weight lack of 13.1 kg, the placebo team regained weight, occasion the workout and liraglutide teams maintained their weight reduction, and the mix team misplaced extra weight. Each the workout and liraglutide teams decreased large proportion and accumulation, with the mix team appearing the best discounts. The workout team larger incline accumulation, and the mix team guarded incline accumulation regardless of important large loss.

Adjustments in BMD from earlier than the low-calorie weight loss program to date 52 confirmed that the mix team had refuse major alterations in BMD in comparison to the placebo on the hip and lumbar backbone. On the other hand, the liraglutide team skilled a cut in hip and lumbar backbone BMD in comparison to the workout and placebo teams. The distal forearm BMD larger within the workout and aggregate teams, and not using a important variations between the 4 teams. Subgroup analyses by way of intercourse and moment confirmed constant effects. Liraglutide and aggregate therapies have been related to larger whole-body BMD in comparison to placebo.

Bone giveover markers confirmed that P-CTX larger by way of 27% next the low-calorie weight loss program and diminished in all teams by way of date 26, with the bottom ranges within the placebo team. P-P1NP larger by way of 7% right through the low-calorie weight loss program and returned to preliminary ranges by way of date 52 in all teams.


To summarize, this secondary research of a randomized medical trial tested adjustments in site-specific BMD right through diet-induced weight reduction adopted by way of a 1-year intervention with liraglutide (3.0 mg/age), workout, or their aggregate, in comparison to placebo. The combo remedy ended in the best weight and large relief occasion keeping BMD on the hip, backbone, and forearm. Liraglutide unwanted decreased hip and backbone BMD regardless of weight reduction. Workout unwanted maintained incline accumulation and guarded hip and backbone BMD. The findings recommend that combining workout with GLP-1RA remedy is among the best technique for weight reduction occasion keeping bone fitness.

Magazine reference:

  • Jensen SBK, Sørensen V, Sandsdal RM, et al. Bone Fitness Then Workout Rejected, GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Remedy, or Aggregate Remedy: A Secondary Research of a Randomized Scientific Trial. JAMA Netw Clear. (2024) doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2024.16775, ​​​​​​​https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2820308 

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