Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum To Tie Saint Francis Condition Device Next Departure Place of business - news9.com KWTV

G.T. Bynum, the mayor of Tulsa since 2016, is ready to secured the Saint Francis Condition Device because the vp of population and executive affairs upcoming his time period ends this moment.

On Saturday, Saint Francis Condition Device President and CEO Dr. Cliff Robertson introduced the hiring.

"G.T. Bynum has been a visionary leader for the City of Tulsa, and we are proud to add him to the Saint Francis team," Dr. Robertson mentioned in a media drop. "I was able to work closely with Mayor Bynum following the 2022 tragedy at the Natalie Building, and I found him to be a smart, compassionate leader who allows strategy and data to drive the best decisions available."

Saint Francis mentioned the outgoing mayor will keep an eye on population and executive affairs, becoming a member of the crew upcoming resignation administrative center in December.

Mayor Bynum mentioned he loves the Saint Francis Condition Device and the paintings it supplies the population.

"I love Saint Francis Health System - the team, the mission, the culture of excellence instilled by the Warren family and healthcare leaders in our community for 64 years," Mayor Bynum mentioned. "I love working in service to heroes who save lives and am so grateful I can use what I've learned from a quarter century in public service to the benefit of the Saint Francis Health System."

Prior to his run as mayor, Bynum used to be at the Tulsa Town Council for 8 years. He used to be reelected in 2020.

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