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When abiding through the tried-and-true system, creating a Spritz is as simple as 3, two, one (3 portions Prosecco, both parts liqueur, and one section soda aqua). However regardless of its easy form, many liken the Spritz to extra of a sense and way of life than a normal drink recipe. It’s the embodiment of a idle brightness afternoon with sun shades, sandals, chaise lounges, and charcuterie forums.

Given the drink’s reputation, it could appear to be a no brainer for bartenders to begin experimenting with unutilized takes at the liked Spritz, however most likely bringing it into the arena of mixology is going towards the very nature of the whole thing the Spritz stands for.

In this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Joanna and Zach speak about the state of the Spritz in 2024. They chat about why it remainder an excessively widespread drink, whether or not there’s room for other versions but even so the Aperol Spritz, and why it's going to or will not be a just right template for manufacturers and bartenders to riff on. Track in for extra.

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