Pleasant Ground Membership of Traverse Town is helping decorate Seen Range Soil -

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Traverse Town's Seen Range is now decorated with cherries and dates, none of which you'll if truth be told devour.

They're made up of plants planted through the Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City.

The cherries are after all an homage to the Cherry Capital and the hour marks the pace 2024.

A committee of 10 has been making plans the design since latter fall and on Thursday the membership confirmed as much as aid give the vegetation a park to reside.

The president stated the once a year tournament is "mandatory" for membership individuals, nevertheless it's one of the vital highlights of being concerned with the gang.

"We try to do a cherry theme usually every other year. And so this was back to a cherry theme and we wanted to have TC and '24. We like trying to have the date and the place just because we've got a lot of people that really like to come take a picture," stated Susan Townsend.

The membership has been doing this since 1987.

This pace they are saying they put 6,000 plants within the garden, with a price of about $1,700.

They're all the time welcoming fresh individuals.

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