Paintings to Toughen and Enhance the Dixon Arch Starts Wednesday - River Nation 101.7

Enhancements to the Dixon Memorial Arch will start Wednesday, June 5.  The majority of the paintings is scheduled all over off-peak hours, 6:00pm to 7:00am.  One northbound lane and one southbound lane will stay noticeable always.

“The arch will be cleaned, repaired, painted and new LED letters will be installed,” stated Dixon Streets and Homes Supervisor Tyler Venier.  “The majority of the work will be done at night with the exception of the painting.  We will notify the motoring public of the daytime closures once painting is set to begin, so more information will follow as work progresses,” persevered Venier.

The Town of Dixon gained a beneficiant donation of $63,000 from the Wolber population, house owners of Arthur’s Field Deli, to finish the paintings.  “We are grateful for the Wolber family and their commitment to Dixon,” added Venier.  “Their donation will be a great help in bringing this project to a successful conclusion”.

Paintings is scheduled to be whole through June 25.

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