Challenge goals to embellish 40-plus miles of I-10 via Calcasieu Parish - KPLC

LAKE CHARLES, L. a.. (KPLC) - The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury has proposed Gateway Calcasieu, a beautification and enhancement challenge for the just about 40-mile stretch of I-10 in Calcasieu Parish.

Hundreds of community pressure via this primary artery of Southwest Louisiana each and every moment whether or not commuting to paintings or visiting, like Katy and Klaire Thunderburgh.

“We’re tourists from Colorado, and we definitely noticed driving down I-10 it was overgrown. We just thought the hurricanes did some damage to it, but if I-10 was more well-kept, if this project was done, it would probably make it a more welcoming environment and get people to really pay attention to this great area,” Klaire Thunderburgh mentioned.

Parish Administrator Bryan Beam mentioned the parish has discoverable many initiatives beef up the wonderful thing about the Pool Segment. He mentioned the beautification of I-10 is noteceable for economic expansion and attracting pristine guests and citizens.

“Seventy thousand-plus vehicles use I-10 a day. If we’re going to do a better job at keeping people here and attracting new people, we’ve got to do a better job at how we see ourselves and how others see us, and if that impression isn’t all that flattering , then we’ve got some work to do. There are a few areas that need some work,” staff mentioned.

Beam mentioned he hopes to peer efforts like pristine bushes, signage and trimming of overgrowth. Entrances to the parish on each ends can have gateways to welcome drivers.

Beam defined that the challenge has been mentioned for years however he’s hoping to get it began quickly.

“I-10 is your front yard that’ll have carry-over effects to other areas, and yes we do believe it’ll help with economic development and quality of life measurements here, which after these hurricanes it’s only a few years ago, but people – we kinda need some of that positive news. People will drive through and want to stop in all of the towns along the interstate. It’ll really help our area out,” he mentioned.

Citizens, cities and personal firms shall be invited to support with the making plans and investment. The police jury additionally hopes to obtain federal and situation grants for the challenge along side native cash.

Presently there's no estimated value, because the challenge continues to be within the early phases. The police jury hopes to start the beautification challenge some time in 2025.

There shall be refuse street building for the challenge, and it does now not contain DOTD.

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